Banahaw Heals Spa Bacoor Review

As a busy bee with a lot of obligations and commitments in life, I always try to have a pamper day or "me time" once in a while. I usually go on shopping, have a gluttonous eating experience, go to a salon, go to derma, go to a place I've never been to, or MASSAGE! I tried different massage parlors around Metro but I keep coming back to my first love. . . .BANAHAW HEALS SPA. :)

Banahaw Heals Spa offers cheap but quality services (I can testify to that. :) ) Also, if you are a member, the rate is cheaper by 10%-50%. :)

My first ever massage experience was in Banahaw Heals Spa Bacoor Branch back in year 2013 and Oh-men, that's the best massage ever! :) Since I am longing for that experience, I went to different Banahaw branches and massage parlors. Still, no one beats my first experience. :)

Yesterday, I tried going back to Bacoor Branch. They moved to a smaller space but in the same building. As I entered the room, I asked if that's Banahaw Heals since there's no signage outside. I had to repeat it several times before a staff answered. She then asked for what service I will avail. I requested my favorite 5 in 1 with ventosa, and she hysterically said, "Sir 400 pesos po yun?" She looked at me like I can't afford to pay for that. I confidently replied "Yes." The tension went on when she offered me with a gay therapist. I have nothing against gay people, but they are conniving to let me be handled by him. I refused. "Sir ayaw niyo po ba talaga itry sa gay? Masarap po yun.," the staff added. I smiled and kindly responded, "Ayoko po." What brought me to anger was when they smirked while looking at the gay therapist after I denied.

Sorry for the blurred images. I was anxious at that time.

I then went to the massage room. I was surprised when the lady therapist asked me to undress and only wear underwear. WTF! I got nervous at that time. I knew something wrong was happening. Haha. I requested for a short and she gave me a 2XL short! "Sir wala po kaming maliit na short." WTF for the 2nd time. :) The disappointment continued when I laid on bed. The smell of the bed sheet was AWFUL! I bet they've been using that for weeks, or even months. There's no privacy as well since only curtains are dividing the massage beds. Yes. I was able to hear all of the conversations of the clients and massage therapists. :)

Above all, I still want to commend my massage therapist for giving me a good massage service. :) It was indeed my favorite 5 in 1 massage, no skipping of massage flow unlike others. :) Though my back is now in pain, I still enjoyed, specially the face and head massage! :)

I am not sure if there are extra services in that branch. I hope there's none. Tsk. Tsk.

Because of what happened, I may not avail their services again.

Best massage experience, where art thou? :)


Haha...I thought I was a good dissapointed to read ur blog sir..jus looking for an online job as a therapist and I am loking for banahaw if its good or wht but I am a bit hesitant to apply anymore now as I know a lil bit of ur experience..try Big apple express spa..I am working there but. Need to stop coz its the salary is not good.but I assure u they provide clean and giid massage...or if u want hime service conact me..while ik still here in Philippines..gotbplanto go dubai as a therapist..chow

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