Bye Bye Pores? Air-Laynic Pore Mask Review

Hello everyone! Today I will be trying a Face Mask from the K beauty section of Watsons, Air-Laynic Pore Mask! :)

Air-Laynic Pore Mask is a product from 23Years Old which is famous for their carbonated skincare products in Korea.

It's not a typical pore mask since the gel is placed inside a syringe. No worries since there are no needles involved! :)  

What makes this mask even more unique is the component of CO2 or Carbon Dioxide which promises to:

1. Enhance Skin Health- Infused Oxygen promotes blood circulation. Skin becomes healthy from inside out with natural radiance.

2. Purify and Whiten Skin- It activates skin detoxification activities in order to remove the impurities, pimples and blackheads. Skin looks clean and smooth with bright complexion.

3. Eliminate Pores- Adenosine ingredients provide pore care and soften skin texture. It improves skin elasticity and remove fine lines for young tighten skin.

It's my first time to use a product with CO2 and it looks promising! :)

So happy that the distributor here in the Philippines placed an English Instructions on how to use the product. :)

1. Wash Face and Apply Toner.

I suggest you use this at night, once a week or twice a month. :) Make sure that the toner you are using doesn't have an alcohol content for it may affect and cause a burning sensation on face.

2. Open cap of the "Injection Type Dispenser" and dispense entire contents spread evenly on airsheet.

Yes. There could be a tingling sensation so I only use half of the product and spread it evenly on sheet. :)

3. With the serum side facing the skin, wear the mask in the buttefly area of the left cheek to the nose and the right cheek.

4. While waiting for 20-30 minutes, tap the mask periodically.

5. After removing the mask, wash face with water only.

Don't ever use moisturizer or serum afterwards for it may have a reaction with the gel. :)


Thankfully, I have watched videos and read some articles prior using this product so I know what to expect. :)

Uhmmmm.....I will be honest that it will hurt or you will feel a burning sensation especially when tapping the mask. Remember that the more you tap, the more you activate the CO2. Just endure the pain. Hehe. :) I also like the fizzing sound with bubbles which reminds me of hydrogen peroxide. I can feel that it unclogs pores and works underneath. :)

I could say that my skin looks more energized and glowing after. :) It feels smoother too! I don't want to overreact but, it did tighten pores! :)

I will definitely be including this in my skincare routine. :)

Oh! I forgot that I bought this for only 64.50 Pesos! They are on sale at Watsons! :)

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