25 Pesos For Deo? GT Active Fresh Deodorant Review

As a person who stays outside our house for more than 10 hours a day, I need a deodorant that could keep my smell good all-day. :) There are deos I'd tried that smell good upon smelling, but didn't have chemistry to my body's smell after application. For almost years now, I am loyal to my one and only deo. Ok. Fine. I cheat sometimes and try other brands. HAHA. :) This month, I have found a good alternative to my all time favorite. :)


GT Men Active Fresh Deodorant is one of the first products of GTCosmetics specific for Men. It contains Tea Tree Extract that is known for its anti-bacterial properties and helps aid against ailments such as rashes and skin infections. It has a fresh and clean feeling, great for active men.

Apply 4 to 6 wipes per underarm everyday. Do not apply to sore or damaged skin.

I so love the scent! :) It reminds me of a popular deo here in the Philippines. It is not sticky when applied. The product could stay for the entire day! :)


Best Nude Lipstick For Men? Nyx Lingerie Review

Hi everyone! :) Today, I'll be sharing my latest discovery for men who have pale or fair skin who want to achieve a "no lipstick" makeup look, like me! :)

Over the past few months, I had been struggling with choosing the right shade and brand of lipstick that will perfectly fit my lips and skin color. It's either it's too obvious that I'm wearing one or the consistency is too drying for my lips. Luckily, a co-teacher of mine suggested this brand. :)


Slip into something seductive with Lip Lingerie, our luxurious liquid lipstick with a plush, Matte finish. Available in the color-kissed hues you know and love—from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige—plus, 12 brand-new nudes! Each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.

Since there are 24 shades to choose from, I asked help of the accommodating sales attendant to choose what's best for me. I just specified that I would want the finish to look like my lips are healthy. She then handed me with Lipli #18.

Here's a swatch of the product applied on my left hand. :) To be honest, I was hesitant to buy since it's quite costly. I didn't swatch this as well on my lips when I was at the counter. I just trusted my instincts that time. Haha. :)



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Left Picture: w/o
Right Picture: Nyx applied on lips

See the results? :) It did still look my lips, but healthier! :) I like how it even out the color of my lips as well. :) Yes. It has a matte finish but it is not drying at all. :) For over 4 months that I've been using this product, this has the best consistency of a matte lipstick. Why? It never cracked my lips! No need for me to put lip balm once in a while. :) It is also long-lasting that it could stay on my lips for more than 5 hours! No joke. :) For the price of 490 Pesos, this is definitely worth it! :) You could use one tube for monthssssss- a little goes a long way! :)

I would highly recommend this for men who would want to have a healthy looking lips. :) But of course, kindly ask the attendants first of what shade of lipstick would fit you. :) For women, if you are looking for best nude lipstick without drying your lips, this is definitely worth a try! :)


A Royal Holiday spent as SM CITY MANILA kicked-off the Christmas season with an English touch!

As the song goes, "It's the most wonderful time of the year......." Indeed as SM Malls unwrap a Merry SM Christmas in 65 malls nationwide. Our blog is once again invited for the third year to witness a Christmas Tree Lighting Event of an SM Mall. :)

SM City Manila Christmas celebration was filled with children's favorite British characters and well-known artists! :)

Clowning Around Manila, Mapua Cardinal Singers, Sheena Belarmino of ABS-CBN's Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids, Uytingco Family and Ms. Universe Philippines 2014, MJ Lastimosa are present during the event!

Of course, everyone gets excited upon the lighting of this year's Christmas tree! :)

Visit to join SM’s #SMagicalChristmas countdown or to know more about the many fun and exciting things in store for everyone this holiday season at SM Supermalls. Have a Merry SM Christmas!

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