Queen City of the South, Cebu! :)

Who would have thought I will love traveling? Not just traveling per se, but solo traveling? :)

Yes. I've been quite busy these past months, since I started to be an adventurer. :) I somehow forgot to update this blog site, for I believe I changed my perspective in life. I am not the old self who didn't want to get out of comfort zone. I am now bold, eager to explore and ready for adventures. :) But after few travel adventures, I came to a realization that I still need to look good even traveling, right? :) That's why I believe I am still here writing a post, be an inspiration, for those who are still hoping to look for answers to their skin care questions. :)

But before you see skin care related posts, I can't help but to share this awesome Cebu trip. :) Not your usual Cebu trip. ;) 

Since city tour is so mainstream, I explored South Cebu! :) 

I know a lot will benefit from this post. So here you go! :)

Here's my Itinerary:

Day 1:

Since my arrival was late, I just decided to drop by at the nearest church, and went to I.T. Park to try fried insects. I am adventurous. ;) Unfortunately, it's out of stock. I just ate the famous Lechon Cebu and Puso (Rice). It was perfect! Cebu Lechon is to crave for! :)

Day 2:

5:00 AM- South Terminal to Badian Cebu
8:00 AM- Canyoneering (Best experience ever! Just check my video below to see, and be amazed! :))
1:00 PM- Lunch
5:30 PM- SM Cebu to meet a friend
6:30 PM- Food trip at Larshian
8:30 PM- Side trip at Fuente
9:00 PM- Coffee Bean Scent at Fuente

Day 3:
8:00-11:00 AM- Whole morning was devoted to city tour, and bought "Pasalubong" at Tabo-an
12:00 NN- Checked out and lunch at the nearest Cafe
1:00 PM- SM Cebu
2:00 PM- Massage at the nearest Nuat Thai (I'll be having a separate post about this. :))
4;00 PM- Visited Big Foot Studios (I think this is not open for everyone. I'm glad to have a glimpse of this famous place, especially for a person who works in the media industry.)
7:00 PM- Dinner at A&A Soong (Wow for their Sinigang!)
12:30 AM- Flight back to Manila

For those who are planning to have their vacation in Cebu, here are my few tips:

1. Cebuanos don't use fishsauce. if you ask for fishsauce, they'll be giving you a soysauce. :)
2. Their siopao sauce is ketchup. :) It's weird at first. I promise. But after visiting Cebu, I crave for siopao with ketchup. :)
3. They love their language so much. So I had a culture shock the moment I landed in the island. They can understand and speak Tagalog, but their native tongue is Cebuano.
4. You say "pliti" when paying for transpo and "lugar lang" when you want to drop off.
5. When you ask for directions or what jeepney to ride, they'll be suggesting numbers like 01K, 10H, 9F, 0A, so take note of that. You will see the sign at the top of the jeepney. It's quite confusing at first, but you'll get use to it. :)
6. To save money, from the airport, there are buses going to SM Cebu. So if your accommodation is near the area, better ride this bus. :)
7. Make sure to try Cebu's smoked Chorizo. It's a must try. :)
8. Enjoy and have fun! :)

If you can't imagine my Cebu trip adventure, then just watch this video:

What can you say? :)

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