My Birthday Celebration 2016 :)

Instead of travelling (which everyone knows I'm addicted to these days) or buying luxurious things, i thought of engaging myself in a charity work on my Birthday. Why not make someone happy on my special day? :)

I would want to thank my family, friends, former classmates (especially Bea. :) ) for the help and support, making this outreach possible. :) Of course, to Bahay ng Pag-ibig at Pag-asa family for letting us share moments with our lolos and lolas.

This post is not to brag, but to be an inspiration for everyone. Let’s share happiness. Let’s be a reason for one’s smile. :)

This is  one of the most memorable and fulfilling birthday ever. :)

P.S. Hi to this awesome Lola! She's turning 96. :) :) :) :)

For those who are planning to visit or donate, you may call them at (046) 434-5476. They are waiting for you. :)


Baguio #OOTD

Rome? NO!

Macau? NO!

Vatican? NO!

Netherlands? NO!

If there's one place I would want to live in for the rest of my life, that would definitely be B-A-G-U-I-O! :) Who would not fall in love with the cold weather? I feel like I'm in my dream place, Korea. :) I've been to different provinces here in the Philippines, but nothing beats Baguio. :)

Brrrr! :)

Here are my #OOTD during my stay. :)

I would want to thank Terranova Philippines for my top. :) These are from their autumn collection. :) You can get up to 70% off on their lines. Check the nearest store today! :)


Mr. Pogi Tips is now .COM! :)

I am proud to announce that. . . .. is now
Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support. Let's do this! :)


Giga Massage Rub Cream Review

These words are my motivation to continue writing in this industry. Indeed, I am helping a lot of men readers out there. Let's keep the fire burning guys. Thank you. :)

For today I'll be giving my cent on Giga Massage Rub Cream. :)

I suffer from occasional migraine. Mine is ocular with tension migraine. It means that pain attacks my eye area. I don't usually take medicines, 'coz I know the attack is just an indication for me to have some rest. Dark room with no noise is usually the best haven for me. But there are really times I needed to ease the pain.

Directions: Massage on intended areas
Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Beeswax, Menthol, Ginger Extract and BHT

Pogi Points:

1. The smell is awesome! The smell itself can make you feel relaxed. The combination of menthol and ginger aroma give you a calm atmosphere.

2. It eases my migraine pain. :) What a relief! :) 

3. Nothing beats organic! I know it's safe when I put this on my temple or nose. I haven't had any rashes nor breakouts with this. Gentle on skin! So happy! :)

4. The price is affordable. It can last for months. :)

5. It is also perfect as a massage balm. :) The cold sensation takes away muscle pain. :)

6. I can also recommend this for insect bites. No more itchy itchy. :)

7. It is compact. The size is comparable to a 5- peso coin. I can bring it with me anytime. :)


1. None as of the moment. :)

I am giving Giga Massage Rub Cream an AWESOME PERFECT POGI POINTS OF 5/5 

With the benefits I am getting, adding its affordability, it is a must have balm! :)

Visit their stores at:
  • SM Aura
  • SM Bicutan
  • SM Lanang Davao
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Megamall
  • Robisons Galleria
  • Robinsons Magnolia
  • Tiendesitas Pasig
  • Shoppesville Greenhills
  • Vmall Greenhills

For complete list of products, you may check out their website at

I am really looking forward to try more of their products. :)


The Story Behind My Earring

I've always been hearing questions and statements like, "Why are you wearing an earring?", "What are you going to benefit from that earring?" and "You look like a good boy without an earring."

In conservative countries, like the Philippines, men wearing earring is like a taboo. It's not quite accepted by the majority. You can't wear this on formal occasions, or even at work.

I had my ear pierced in 2013. Until at this point, I don't have any regrets. :)

Actually, it wasn't on my list or I never dreamed of putting an accessory on my ear. In year 2013, there was this typhoon who devastated 30% of the country, including us.

Flash flood is not new in our area though. In my 23 years of existence, we have had experienced about more or less 5 floods. That recent incident gave us a chest-level of water and mud inside our house.

This earring is actually a symbol and reminder for me. After that typhoon, I promised myself that we will never experience that again. This earring is an expression for me to strive better. That in times of problems, I can stand out. When I'm in pain, I can survive. I am different than the rest, but who cares? :)

I don't know but after having this earring, we never experienced flash floods again. I don't have fear either. My room is now nested in a 3-floor high house. Haha.

I believe everyone has a story; Why he chooses to have a mickey mouse tattoo, why she has an ombre hair color, why a guy decides to have his hair long, why he chooses to leave you. HAHA.     

As a celebration for my uniqueness, I recently bought this mustache earring from Silverworks. :) Why mustache? Aside from I can't have mustache :P, this is my logo for Mr. Pogi Tips. :)

I trusted my ears to be pierced at Silverworks, and in my 3rd year, I'm still a proud Silverworks user. :) What I like most about Silverworks is that they offer affordable yet with quality jewelry. Not unlike other jewelry shops, all of my SW's earrings are still in good condition. Still looks brand new. Worth my penny. :)

I prefer steel than silver. I can't have silver jewelry since I'm acidic. It will easily get tarnished. So never give me silver stuff guys. Haha. :)

Silverworks deserves an AWESOME PERFECT POGI POINTS OF 5/5! 

With wide array of designs to choose from, I am still coming back to my first and trusted brand. :)

Top: Mogao Philippines

How about you? What's the story behind your uniqueness? :)


Queen City of the South, Cebu! :)

Who would have thought I will love traveling? Not just traveling per se, but solo traveling? :)

Yes. I've been quite busy these past months, since I started to be an adventurer. :) I somehow forgot to update this blog site, for I believe I changed my perspective in life. I am not the old self who didn't want to get out of comfort zone. I am now bold, eager to explore and ready for adventures. :) But after few travel adventures, I came to a realization that I still need to look good even traveling, right? :) That's why I believe I am still here writing a post, be an inspiration, for those who are still hoping to look for answers to their skin care questions. :)

But before you see skin care related posts, I can't help but to share this awesome Cebu trip. :) Not your usual Cebu trip. ;) 

Since city tour is so mainstream, I explored South Cebu! :) 

I know a lot will benefit from this post. So here you go! :)

Here's my Itinerary:

Day 1:

Since my arrival was late, I just decided to drop by at the nearest church, and went to I.T. Park to try fried insects. I am adventurous. ;) Unfortunately, it's out of stock. I just ate the famous Lechon Cebu and Puso (Rice). It was perfect! Cebu Lechon is to crave for! :)

Day 2:

5:00 AM- South Terminal to Badian Cebu
8:00 AM- Canyoneering (Best experience ever! Just check my video below to see, and be amazed! :))
1:00 PM- Lunch
5:30 PM- SM Cebu to meet a friend
6:30 PM- Food trip at Larshian
8:30 PM- Side trip at Fuente
9:00 PM- Coffee Bean Scent at Fuente

Day 3:
8:00-11:00 AM- Whole morning was devoted to city tour, and bought "Pasalubong" at Tabo-an
12:00 NN- Checked out and lunch at the nearest Cafe
1:00 PM- SM Cebu
2:00 PM- Massage at the nearest Nuat Thai (I'll be having a separate post about this. :))
4;00 PM- Visited Big Foot Studios (I think this is not open for everyone. I'm glad to have a glimpse of this famous place, especially for a person who works in the media industry.)
7:00 PM- Dinner at A&A Soong (Wow for their Sinigang!)
12:30 AM- Flight back to Manila

For those who are planning to have their vacation in Cebu, here are my few tips:

1. Cebuanos don't use fishsauce. if you ask for fishsauce, they'll be giving you a soysauce. :)
2. Their siopao sauce is ketchup. :) It's weird at first. I promise. But after visiting Cebu, I crave for siopao with ketchup. :)
3. They love their language so much. So I had a culture shock the moment I landed in the island. They can understand and speak Tagalog, but their native tongue is Cebuano.
4. You say "pliti" when paying for transpo and "lugar lang" when you want to drop off.
5. When you ask for directions or what jeepney to ride, they'll be suggesting numbers like 01K, 10H, 9F, 0A, so take note of that. You will see the sign at the top of the jeepney. It's quite confusing at first, but you'll get use to it. :)
6. To save money, from the airport, there are buses going to SM Cebu. So if your accommodation is near the area, better ride this bus. :)
7. Make sure to try Cebu's smoked Chorizo. It's a must try. :)
8. Enjoy and have fun! :)

If you can't imagine my Cebu trip adventure, then just watch this video:

What can you say? :)


Adidas PH Store Online Review

Howdy? :)

I never thought I'll fall in love with kicks. Yes. All of a sudden, I've found myself lurking in a Facebook group of shoe lovers, and this 3-stripe brand caught my attention. :)

Today I am going to do a quick review about Adidas PH Online Store. :)

It had been weeks since I started my quest to look for a good quality pair, yet I can get it for a lower price. Meet ups nor online shops are not on my list since I am afraid to get a fake pair. Another choice would be outlet stores. But since these are quite far from my area, I still have to look for another. I was just really lucky that a member posted the Adidas PH site. I hurriedly browsed the site, and found a good deal. :)

There are a lot of choices to choose from. As long as it's a 3-stripe brand, it's there. :) For those who are wondering if they have physical store, unfortunately they don't have as of the moment. :) 

There are a lot of accepted payment options. Here's their list:
Part of online shopping (which I hate most) is the waiting game. Unlike physical stores where you get the items right away, online shopping will test your patience.

I got disappointed, at first. I had to call their CS line twice, just to process my order. Their 3-5 day promise of delivery was not fulfilled. Though I believe, it is always a case by case basis. So if you have plans on ordering to their site, the following day after placing your order, call their CS for them to process your order.

It took me 10 days just to get my order.

Day 1- Placed an order
Day 4- 1st Call to CS for an update
Day 6 (morning)- 2nd Call
Day 6 (night)- Received an email that my order was already shipped
Day 10- Received parcel

If you are thinking of buying a pair as gift, make sure you have placed your order 15 days ahead of the date. It is always better to be early, than late. :)

I'll be giving Adidas PH site a score of 4.5/5 ✓.

Beyond their slow delivery process, I am still satisfied with my new kicks. :) For the steal price I've got, adding no worries of the pair being fake, the site is commendable. I am still looking forward to buy a next pair. :)

Lazada Philippines