SM Supermalls unwraps a Merry Christmas in 65 Malls Nationwide + Seeing my Former Lodi Workmate

For the 2nd year, I was again invited to cover a Christmas tree lighting of an SM mall. Yey! :) Here's my last year's article: SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest.

A magical season awaits the whole family as SM Supermalls celebrates a Merry SM Christmas in 65 malls across the country. During SM Megamall’s launch of its Royal Holiday thematic last November 8, SM invited everyone to dazzling sights, joyful sounds, festive tastes, holiday finds, and Christmas feels in SM malls this Yuletide season.


Rohto Eye Drops: Philippine Celebrity Must Have?

Who would not want to see what's inside the bag of their favorite celebrity? I recently become a fan of Darla Sauler's bag raid of local Philippine celebrities on Youtube. Aside from being envy to their signature bags and stuff, I also get to know their personality better.

From the clips I've watched, almost 70% of celebrities have this small teardrop-shaped bottle. Even Darla herself is shookt (HAHA) about the popularity of what they call "Japanese eye drops". She did mention in one of the episodes that Kris Aquino is also using it. As a curious person and eye drops user, I look for the brand name online. :) Fortunately, I was able to find it! :)  ROHTO JAPANESE EYE DROPS! :)

Since I was influenced and convinced by celebrities, I did not attempt to read reviews. All I can remember is I was already in check out page of an online store. Hihi.

I was so excited to try it the time I received the parcel. I was looking for an English translation in the box and manual, but found none. 

Without hesitations, I tried 2 drops on each eye. Oh men!!!! It burnt my eyes!!!! I thought at that time, I won't be able to see the earth again. HAHAHAHA. :)

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