A Cost-efficient Home Treatment in Achieving that Desired V-Shape Face? Anlan V Face Lifting Machine got you covered!

Anlan V Face Lifting Machine got you covered!

You can finally try for yourself an at home treatment machine that might give you that V-shaped face that you’ve been desiring for! And perhaps this could also be a good alternative to your regular RF and HIFU treatments in clinics and office visits in achieving that V-shaped look. Now, if you’re up for all this jazz, why not give this a try? Just maybe this one could work for you. But before embarking on a spending spree, it is always crucial to keep in mind that the effects and changes that products may give you, may not be as drastic as you’d imagine it to be or expect it to be, but rather it still depends on your constancy in maintaining a disciplined healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise and skin regimen.

As a former TV Host a couple of years back, I often went to clinics and offices that perform treatments such as RF and HIFU and pay around P500-P700 to get that V-shape face done. It’s a bit pricey, that’s why the moment I learned about this, it got me on the hook, for I find this to be a great save for my budget and only get to pay P1,000-P1,500 and do it conveniently at home and save a lot of money from going to clinics. And so I did, I got myself one and made this review. :)

The Anlan V Face Lifting Machine was designed and made by “Anlan, “a global brand that was established in 2014, which identifies and promotes itself as a brand that puts research cutting edge technology into skin care, and with a philosophy of creating products that are “safe and effective” in helping women (and men) meet their beauty and aesthetic needs for the long run.


MOST Hyped Sublingual Glutathione Drink? Eirian Gluta Review

Looking for a different method in achieving that glow? Well if you are, perhaps you might consider giving Eirian Gluta a shot! As one of the most requested and suggested Gluta products from the comment section of my Youtube channel without a doubt, I definitely think for sure other influencers and or vloggers have already been raving about this. :)

At first glance, the packaging of Eirian Gluta kind of gives a feminine vibe, from the box and into each vial, for sure you’ll definitely feel like you’re drinking out from a bottle made for a princess. Haha. :) The packaging is very cute though, but in all honesty, for someone who regularly does Gluta drips and or push, perhaps you might want to consider trying this out. 

Why you might ask? Well basically, sublingual gluta drips work the same as any other modality of glutathione, the effects are the same as other brands that I’ve tried before and if you’d personally ask me, sublingual glutathione and Eirian in particular, is still more cost efficient compared to gluta drips and push. 


About Time: Dewycel making its way to the Philippines

It’s about time! There’s a new kid on the block and Dewycel finally arrived at the shores of the Philippine islands. :) You might think that this Korean brand may be a little bit late to the game in this competitive multimillion K-beauty industry in the country, but the question is, will it be able to compete with your all time favorite skin care brand? Well, I am hoping that this review might help you in choosing the right decision for your skin and cosmetic needs.

Skin and cosmetic needs? Yes you heard me right! Dewycel is a Korean Skin care company that puts not only in making you feel beautiful on makeup, but also puts into careful consideration the effects that it leaves on your skin in the long run. If you’re looking for cosmetic products that also take good care of your skin, perhaps this could be a perfect option. Sun protection, Vitamin C, and other ingredients that might be safe with sensitive, acne prone, oily to dry and combinational skin types, are all what this brand is trying to achieve. Luckily, I was able to try firsthand the samples of Dewycel’s products, and to test for myself the pros and cons that go along in using it. 

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Just Fancy or Bang for the Buck? Fanxyrance Centeleaf Line | High-end K-beauty

Hey there! Have you ever considered trying out high-end Korean skin care products? If you are then this is for you! 

Strolling along the mall, be it SM or Ayala, or perhaps browsing along apps such as Sephora, Shopee, or Lazada, one can’t help but wonder whether high-end skin care products are a bang for the buck. In all honesty, I for one can’t help but ponder on this idea as well. Most especially the trendy ones that are mostly from Korea such as Nature Republic, Innisfree, the face shop, just to name a few, that have been on trend ever since people, vloggers, and influencers started raving about Korean skin care beauty products a couple of years back. Since then, multiple brands came about from low-end to high-end. One can definitely be lost in deciding which one to try first that will be effective and will be worth the price. 

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