Robinsons Privilege Card

Finally, I was able to get my Robinsons Privilege Card. Yey! :)

Valid until 2017. :)

What is Privilege Card? It is the counterpart of SM's Prestige Card. The difference is that Prestige earns points while Privilege has discounts for stores and including hotels. If you want to earn points, Robinsons has another card dedicated for that. :)

Same with Prestige, you have to accumulate a certain amount of purchase before qualifying for membership. I applied last May, and received the card only this week (November).

Downside is that the owner's name is not  printed on the card . Tsk. Tsk.

A booklet is also given with the card. This includes the complete list of participating outlet stores and their branches, perks of the card and other discounts. For convenience, you can download the app version available at playstore and appstore. :)

I find the booklet complicating, at first, since I have to browse for a brand then look for the branch where it is available. Most of the good offers are available in the provinces. 

I guess I will enjoy this Free Jumbo Popcorn promo. "For every two ticket purchase, your jumbo popcorn is on us." Sounds great! :)

Ow! I also got 50 Pesos off for Movieworld. I'll be using this one of these days. :)

For those who want to avail the membership, the attendant said that they might not offer this card in the coming months. Aw! Though this is not confirmed yet. Just ask the csr. They are friendly. :)

Overall, this is a nice membership card. For a low minimum amount of purchase required (compared to Prestige), I believe their offers are competitive enough. Their edge among others, is for moviegoers. You are always assured of a popcorn. Yum. Yum. Just worry for your drinks! :) 

For additional 5%-20% off on regular items, this is a must-have card! :)


My First Ever G-Shock!

It's a must for me to have watch, for I work as a College Instructor. I always have to keep everything on time. Since I am always in the limelight of the classroom, I can sense that my students judge me from head to foot. Yes. I know. I am guilty. I did that to my professors when I was in college. Haha. So every time I have to face a class, I make sure I look presentable, if not awesome. :) 

It's just this year that I started to love wearing branded watches. Why? I have to upgrade my fashion statement. I am not getting any younger. I have to invest. I have to look based on my profession. :)

Actually I just bought a Fossil watch six months ago. I love how it suits my everyday outfit. :) I know in myself that I am contented with it. I guessed. HAHA. We live in a world full of temptations. During a window shopping moment, a Casio G-Shock got me. Ahm. . . .Honestly speaking, it's really on my bucket list to buy a black and gold G-Shock watch. :) Though I have a cheap black and gold Casio, I really wanted to have G-Shock. I got the fascination after a ride with a passenger wearing the B&G design. She (yes, she is a lady) looks good with it. :)

I asked the attendant, and in my surprise they have 20% off! :) The only dilemma after she said that discount was choosing between the design of G-Shock or Baby-G. :) The G-Shock design is kinda bulky while Baby G fits perfectly on my wrist. But the attendant said G-Shock is better. Then the rest is history. Haha.

See how elegant it looks like? It can go well with Casual outfits. :)

I wear corporate attire 4x a week, and this watch gives me an added oomph. :)

One more good thing is that it's waterproof. Let's put this on a test! Wanna swim? :)

If you're going to ask me, especially for those who don't have their G-Shock yet, I can't still distinguish the difference of authentic and not. The attendant gave me some tips, however I still don't get it. Poor me. Haha. The only advice I can give is buy from malls or legit retailers. :) It's better to be sure than sorry. Btw, I bought mine at Robinson's.

I have to send my apology to my other watches, for they have to rest for the meantime. :) 

Discount + design + quality + added pogi points = Money well spent! :)

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