Demystifying Skin Care Myths

With the emergence of so many beauty, skin care products and aesthetic clinics in the country, it is important that we education ourselves on the basics about our skin and how to take care of it. There are, however, a number of myths that are going around about ways to achieve healthy skin. Here are just three of them. 

Myth number one: Antibacterial soap is best for keeping your skin clean. 

Truth: According to Harvard Health Publishing of the Harvard Medical School, the skin normally has bacteria on it. It is impossible to keep your skin completely free of bacteria for any amount of time. In fact, many experts are concerned that the use of anti-bacterial soap could lead to more antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibacterial soap is not necessary for everyday use. Regular soap is fine. Thorough and consistent hand washing, not anti-bacterial soap, is what helps prevent the spread of infection. 

Myth number two: The higher the SPF of your sunscreen, the better 

Truth: Above a certain level, a higher sun protection factor (SPF) has little added benefit compared with a lower SPF, according to the Harvard Health Publishing of the Harvard Medical School. Experts generally recommend using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks out 97% of UVB radiation. A higher SPF would be more effective if you are planning to be outside for more than two to three hours, especially during hours of peak sun exposure (10 am to 2 pm). But in most circumstances, a higher SPF may not be worth the extra cost. 

Myth number three: Expensive skin care products work best 

Truth: This is simply not true, according to WebMD.Com. Many mass market products are better than expensive ones. Most active ingredients found in anti-aging creams, for example, are similar whether they are sold by a local store or a fancy boutique. Expensive skin care products can be good but you can usually get something similar for a lot less.


All-Natural Korean Skincare brand “So Natural” Launched in the Philippines

The beauty industry is thriving this year, most especially in the Philippines. With so many beauty brands coming into the market this year, more and more consumers want something natural and effective. Customers are more specific on what they want and are more knowledgeable about how to maintain their skin. With that, Korean Beauty, more widely known as K-Beauty is very popular in the Philippines as it focuses more on a healthier skin regimen using only ingredients derived from nature.

And this is why natural Korean skincare brand “So Natural” is launching in the Philippines. So Natural was founded in 2007, a beauty company that sells their products exclusively online. So Natural focuses on intensive research and product development as well as providing great and effective products for their customers. 

So Natural believes in strengthening the natural properties of our skin, inspired by nature and formulated carefully. So Natural believes in the philosophy of a healthy, beautiful skin is best achieved through using products that is gentle to our skin. 

So Natural features 4 beauty lines that everyone should look out for.

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