Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil Review

After MONTHSSSS or a YEAR of not posting here, I am back!! :)

Well, I just have good news for those who have acne prone skin!! :)


For those of you who don't know the miracle oil, according to tea tree oil. . . . 

For Health
1. Use a dab to treat acne.
2. An anti-fungal for treating Athlete’s Foot, eczema, various yeast infections, etc.
3. An antiseptic to be used on cuts and burns.
4. An anti-viral: it may lessen the symptoms of colds and flu. Try using a few drops in the bath.
5. Add to a vaporizer to loosen chest congestion.
6. Add a small amount to shampoo to destroy head lice.
7. A small amount added to your bath can help with persistent body odor.
8. Treating sinus infection.
9. For dandruff and dry scalp.
10. In the form of aromatherapy, tea tree oil is used to treat colds, persistent coughs, acne, toothaches, and sunburn.
Wow. I haven't known that there are a lot of benefits that we can get from this oil.

"Warm and spicy Tea Tree Oil is extracted from the leaves and twigs of the Australian tea tree. It has proven history of over sixty years of safe usage. With a lot of of properties, such as for massaging purposes, it absorbs oil, soothes and deep cleans your skin leaving it harsh free."

I was just browsing blogs when I came up to read about Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil. Most of the bloggers agreed that it is effective for pimples. Since it is cheaper than the Body Shop, I gave it a try.

Product to be reviewed: Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil
Price: 150 pesos/ 4-5$
Where to buy: Zen Zest Stalls
Where did I buy: Zen Zest SM Bacoor
For: Fight against pimples

How to use:

Apply directly on desired skin. Can be use as massage oil. Use sparingly.

WOW! 2 in 1. You can also use it as a massage oil! Best for those who have bacne as well. :) 


Water, Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, Peg40 Hydrogenerated Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

Pogi Points:

1. Affordable. This small bottle could last up to 1 year. :)

2. It helps to dry pimples. After two days to a week of applying it, you can already see results.

3. 3 in 1-- for pimples, bacne and as a massage oil. Although haven't tried this for bacne or as a massage oil.

4. It has oil control properties. :)


1. It hurts. Every time I dab it on my pimples, there is a burning sensation (but I think that's the reason for drying up the pimples.)

2. Not hygienic if you are sharing this with your family/friends.

3. I'm not fond of the smell--minty, leafy, herbal.


I will give Zen Zest Tea Tree Oil a PERFECT POGI POINTS 5/5 

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Mr. Pogi says:

I've been using this for about a year now and I can say that I need not to worry every time I have pimples. Though I can't compare it with The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil since I haven't tried it yet, I still recommend this for people who have acne prone skin. I would definitely avail this again! :) 

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