Skin Perfect Facial and Tea Tree Purity Soap

I am a public transport commuter in the Philippines. I ride from tricycle to bus to jeepney to MRT/LRT to cab--Name it! Because of that, my poor pore less looking skin (HAHA) is prone to dust and dirt. I am lucky enough not to have pimples though, but there are times that my face can't escape the fierceness of these pimples.

Last weekend, I went to Skin Perfect to try their facial treatment. It's been months since my last facial. I felt that my skin is starting to have blackheads and pimples. So before they conquer my entire face, I have to stop them.

I apologize for not capturing anything from my Facial experience since I didn't intend to document that. :P

I availed their Facial treatment with Whitening/Anti-acne Mask. Overall, I had a nice experience with Skin Perfect. I love the ambiance of their place. Their staffs are accommodating. I had a good conversation with Ate, the pricker. HAHA.  Despite of pain and countless tears, I will definitely be coming back. No pain. No gain. :)  Since I don't have much pimples, I'll just have their Regular Facial Treatment next time. :) 


1. As I have said on previous blog entries, don't ever attempt to try facial if you haven't experienced yet. You will have to do it regularly once, started. Please. I'm begging you. HAHA. :)

2. Never have a facial when you have flu. :) I commend Ate for managing the pricking session in nose while I'm having cold. :)

Product to be reviewed: Skin Perfect Purity Tea Tree Soap
Price: 140 Pesos/ Around $3-4
Where to buy: Skin Perfect branches nationwide
Where did I buy: Bacoor branch

I am a fan of Tea Tree Oil. :) I have posted a blog entry of its miracle a year ago. You may check my Zen Zest's Tea Tree Oil Review here. :) I did not hesitate to buy the soap version because until now, tea tree oil is my buddy every time I will have zits or pimples. 

Mr. Pogi Points:

1. It controls oil.

2. Perfect tandem for Tea Tree Oil. :)

3. Cheap compare to other Tea tree brands.

4. I love the smell. :) It has herbal/minty scent. :)


1. What I don't like about this is THERE ARE NO INGREDIENTS written! I don't have idea of what chemicals did they put in the bar. All I am sure, there is tea tree ingredient in it.

Mr. Pogi says:

I will give Skin Perfect's Facial Treatment and Tea Tree Soap a PERFECT POGI POINTS OF 5/5 ✓. :)

I might disregard trying Skin Perfect before, but I am thankful enough to have courage to experience their service and product. They may look the usual facial salon in Metro, but quality and affordability are their strengths for keeping their customers. :)

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