4th Year Anniversary Special: 4 Things I Have Gained and Learned from Blogging

Who would have thought that we are already celebrating 4 years in this industry? :) I started my site out of boredom from being a bum as a fresh college graduate. I was supposed to start a Youtube channel when I realized I am not yet ready to show my face over the internet. I just decided to make a blog instead. Everything was unplanned. I almost stopped blogging and deactivating this account, MANY TIMES. But as they say, EXPECT the UNEXPECTED. I never expected this blog would get engagement, will be one of the top blog posts on Google, bring me to different places, meet new friends, have recognition, and force me to post on my personal social media accounts. 

Because my baby has turned 4, I would like to give an inspirational list of the things I gained and learned from blogging which I know a lot of you would want to know.

4 Things I Have Gained and Learned from Blogging

1. Collaborations

This is the most exciting part of blogging life. I remember the first time I got a collaboration with a brand. I almost got teary-eyed that someone already notices my blog. At that time, I was not after the product I will receive, but the point that my blog is already existing. If my memory serves me right, I even asked on email how did they find my blog. HAHA. I was soon then invited to attend events. Again, as a person who doesn't believe my blog is making name, I directly asked the company if they will have an event  (Usually, for big companies, they hire agencies to handle their event). I think I just don't want to get scammed during that time. #excuses HAHAHAHA.

Just a tip: Always be honest if you are giving a review. Not because you are paid or have a collaboration, you always have to give them positive review or praise the product. Always be honest. Your audience will know if you lying to them. What I usually do is that I always try the product/service first. If I don't like it, I would tell the company the product doesn't work good to me, and would not just blog about it. This is to give respect as well. :)

TRIVIA: I started to get collaboration after two years of being in the industry.

2. Build network

Every time I am invited for an event, aside from the loot bags, gift certificates or cash that I would receive, I am always looking forward to meet new people. It is natural in me that I love talking to different people. That's why during events, I don't miss the chance to talk with other bloggers. I meet newbie and seasoned ones and it's nice to know their stories. I learn and grow from them. :) I've been attending events for a year now and already build network of mine. I am happy that I just didn't meet and work with them, but also develop friendship. Hello to all bloggers I have met along the way and to all PR and marketing team I have worked with. Thank you so much. Looking forward to more collaborations with you all. :)

TRIVIA: I also don't name price for review or entry I will be posting on this blog. It all started with passion, why would I ask for price? That's why I think, I develop good network as well. :)

3. Memories

Looking back at the blog entries I have written, I can say that I create memories I will treasure. It is a great journey for me. From finding good skin care products for me until how I learn to love traveling. :)

4. Never STOP on what you've started.

You started blogging because you wanted it. Why would you stop yourself? Because no one reads? Because no one collaborates with you yet? Because you're lazy to write? Because you find another passion of yours? Whatever reason you have, it doesn't matter. Continue to WRITE.

I was in hiatus and thinking of not pursuing my blog when a reader sent a message on my email. He messaged how my blog helped him find skin care products that also work for him. It was a turning point for me that I need to continue what I have started. Maybe no one reacts or comments at your posts at the moment, but I am sure that someone reads them silently. :) Unlike other social media sites where you immediately build network, on blog, you build your readers thru time.

I am a self-proclaimed lazy blogger. I only post twice a month. But still, I gained good number of followers, readers and collaborations. So what more if you post on a regular basis? You will get more. :)

Just a tip: Focus on your blog niche. If it is about sports, your blog posts must be about sports. If it is a beauty blog, create posts that are about beauty. It will help you build your network easily. :)

Mr. Pogi says:

There you go! I hope you learned something from me. :) So for those of you who are into writing and sharing your views, and doesn't have a blog yet, START NOW. :)

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