The Truth about Kamuka Japanese L-Glutathione Complex

Before I even begin with my review, I’d just want to address and clarify the assumption that you have about this product, since a lot of you my Kamukha have been contacting me and asking me about this particular product regarding if I’m affiliated with it somehow or whether if I’m the owner or co-owner of the brand  hahaha. But to be honest with you… I am not. I am not in any way affiliated or connected with the Kamuka brand and their product namely the Kamuka Japanese L-Glutathione Complex. Although I only came to know about this due to the multiple questions that were hurled right at me without ceasing hahahaha. Thus with passion and curiosity, let’s begin with our review.

Now, what can we say about Kamuka L-Glutathione? This product is from a local brand called NDGP Cosmetics, and the most notable aspect of the product is that it is FDA approved! Before trying out any product that concerns your health, being FDA approved is one of the most important things that you should consider, and this product has done and passed all the necessary requirements that ensures your safety as a consumer, yet it is still wise to consult a physician if you happen to experience any signs and symptoms of discomfort. 

This product showcases 5 powerful ingredients namely, 1) Japanese L-Glutathione (300 mg); 2) Collagen (100mg); 3) Vitamin C (100 mg); 4) Rosehip (25 mg); 5) Camu camu (25 mg); all of which promise to brighten your skin, help with skin aging, and provide you with antioxidants that will aid in preventing skin damage. Additionally, two of the highlights of this product are the Rosehip and Camu camu that is said to benefit the heart, the liver, and mood too! 

Moving on with our Needs, Budget, and Formulation analysis, I personally think that Kamuka L-Glutathione will help you maintain your already fair skin along with the other health benefits that it promises to give. However, if your main concern and need is for skin whitening, perhaps there are other products out there in the market containing higher dosage of Glutathione to help you achieve that kind of need. The starting price starts around P390.00 pesos and breaking it down further costs P39.00 pesos per pill. The pricing is decent considering that they offer you a little less than 30 capsules to try first if it works for you.

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Hunch no more with Anlan Smart Posture Corrector

Tired of hunching but yet keep on forgetting to maintain your posture? Worry no more with a little less than a thousand pesos you can now finally avail a smart posture corrector that surely will not make you forget, and remind you to straighten up that hunchback of yours! Haha. :)

Personally, I myself also struggle with keeping my posture straight at all times. Being an educator, part-time vlogger, and blogger, there is a lot of instances that require me to be in front of the computer for long hours, either to edit a vlog or blog, or perhaps do paperwork, lessons, conduct online classes, and attend to the concerns of my students, I often forget about my posture and concentrate in doing my job and what’s required of my at that particular moment. And worse, even if I’m not working I too tend to neglect my posture. Hence, when I got the chance and learned about this product when I reviewed Anlan V-face lifting machine, I immediately did not slip the opportunity away and tried it for myself.

The box comes with the product itself, a user manual, and a usb cable for charging. The box is very minimalistic with detailed information at the back. Regarding the product itself, it sure doesn’t look cheap I’ll tell you that! With less than a thousand pesos (P559.00)  I’ll definitely say that you will not regret your purchase. It actually looks sturdy and built with high quality materials from the sensor to the straps, a sure bang for the buck. 


A Skin Care for Filipino Youths: An Honest Review on Careline's Skin Hero Set

 Back at it again with another honest review! 

This time it might surprise you to hear that Careline, which is known to be one of the most well known cosmetic companies in the country,  has finally started to invest in skin care products releasing several products and sets that are well suited for every young Filipina and Filipino in mind. Perhaps let’s put their newly launched Skin Care hero set to the test whether, if truly it is as they claim to be, “better than basic.”

The Skin Hero Set comes in four products beginning with the Captain Cleanser, followed by the Power toner, Super Serum, and then finally the Wonder Moisturizer that are powered by active ingredients such as their AHA, BHA, and PHA cleanser and toner that is followed through by their Niacinamide serum and moisturizer, skin hero set is designed to fight acne, maintain elasticity of the skin as well as brighten, and smoothen uneven skin tone. But, what’s wonderful about this is that it comes at an affordable starting price of P395.00, and can be purchased in department stores such as Watsons and also online through Lazada and Shopee.

It is indeed a very promising set that contains products that are aimed and targeted on young Filipinas and Filipinos that are new to skin care. However it could have been better if they also added a sunscreen in the set in order to fully not just maintain and repair the skin, but also add protection for the skin. 

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Venus Fine Pure White Or just Venus, fine? An Honest Review on Fine Pure White

It’s been a while, hi there! I’m back on it again with another honest review, and this time I’ll be reviewing this product that you’ve been suggesting/requesting - Venus Fine Pure White. It is within my knowledge and awareness that numerous vloggers or influencers have been raving about this product and so the majority of you have! Haha, but in all honesty, this product really seems to be promising! The price for this supplement astonishingly starts at only P295.00, and it’s also FDA approved. Wow! However, we should hold our horses and always first consider and ask ourselves three main things, namely what our needs are, the budget that we have, and the formulation that is necessary in order for us to meet our goal, and also don’t forget, the very most important of all is to first consult your physician before taking any supplements.

In this case, let us now move on with our review of Venus Fine Pure White. Initially, I too am a bit confused as to what it actually claims to give. Nevertheless, it all boils down again to your own goal and what you want to achieve.

Now, looking at the packaging, the front facade already presents four of the main ingredients that it champions namely L-Glutathione in free-form (200gm); Collagen (Bavine 200mg); N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC, 50 mg) and; Ascorbic Acid (50mg). And the most remarkable aspect of the packaging is the inclusion of all the information and details of the product and what each capsule might contain. All the information that can be found at the back are the nutritional facts, formulation or ingredients list and seal from the FDA. But you might ask, what does this product claim to do? Is it mainly for whitening or for or for skin repair and elasticity?

Well, in my honest opinion and how I observed it, I believe it focuses mainly on both, it somehow lies in the middle or soft spot between helping you maintain a fair skin and also help aid in skin regeneration and repair. It kind of acts as a supplement or rather a multivitamin if you’d ask me, it may not do much if you’re looking for drastic changes, but it might help you maintain your already glowing skin, and not to mention that this is very affordable with the starting price of P295.00, what could you ask for more? A packet contains 30 capsules that might last you 15 days if you opt in taking 2 capsules a day. Which seems decent.


Putting it into light: A Revelation of Jane’s Secret Glutathione Pills

Like most of you, you might be wondering what wonders Jane Secret might hold in helping you achieve that glow that you might be dreaming of. To find out, I am here to help you unravel Jane’s Secret and see for myself whether or not this product contains the oh-lala ingredient for a fairer looking skin. Nevertheless, one should still be sure of one’s goal and ask oneself the three crucial words that are necessary for your glow up journey, namely Need, Budget, and Formulation. 

From the PR package, Jane’s Secret sent me two bottles of their glutathione pills containing 30 capsules in one bottle. Packaging from both products are simplistically attractive. However the only downside that I’ve noticed from the packaging of their glutathione pills, is the lack of indication for the exact dosage for the formulation of each ingredient, the only thing that was indicated was the first and primary ingredient which is the 250 mg content of Glutathione. On the bright side, they also did state the other 5 remaining ingredients of Jane’s secret, namely Marine Collagen, Salmon Extract, Grape Seed Extract, CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C which also makes up the remaining 250 mg of the overall formulation of Jane’s secret’s Glutathione. 

All these along with Glutathione are said to not just lighten your skin tone, but serve as an antioxidant and also to help with skin regeneration. Thus, without hesitation, I immediately put it to the test and tried it out myself. Being prescribed to take it 1-4 times a day, I did so religiously and as far as I can say, it did well on my skin and did not break me out. Although, the only concern that I personally experienced was it made my heart rate increase a little more than its average resting level after each time I took a pill, I palpitated a bit, but luckily my official ECG results are normal. 

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Not Your Typical Gluta with Gluta Melony 7 in 1 Supplement!

Are you someone who’s looking to not only have fairer skin but also achieve that overall glow from inside and out? Why not give Gluta Melony 7-in-1 supplement a shot and add to your daily diet. 

But before I even begin in speaking in detail about the pros and cons of this said product, I’d first like to tell you that as a disclaimer, this product still continues to remain unregistered to the Philippine’s FDA but is registered and has undergone all the necessary paperwork and inspection from its country of origin - Thailand. Nevertheless, if you are like me who’s willing to take the risk and to try it out yourself, well I suppose my experience and review of this product might enlighten you whether or not it would be worth the try. However, in consideration of all things that are necessary and to avoid any adverse reactions, it is very important that in taking any form of supplements, to firstly consult with your doctor or physician.

That said, you may be wondering what exactly this Gluta Melony 7-in-1 supplement is? And what makes it stand out from other glutathione supplements available in the market? Like all the different brands out there, all products claim to give you simply a fair complexion, but the thing that makes this stand out is the high amounts of Melon Extract found in the product. Its main ingredient, Melon Extract or also known scientifically as SOD (Superoxide dismutase) which basically suggests high concentrations of Melon extract, has been found by numerous clinical studies and trials to have an antioxidant effect on the skin. Together with L-Glutathione, Gluta Melony 7 in 1 claims to help with UV damage, dark spots, dry patches, and protection from sun damage. 

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Is it finally Luck’s Scent for Luxcent 2.0?

Care to try the newly hyped version of the previously infamous Luxcent Gluthathione plus Marine Collagen? You might be wondering what major changes it had undergone in order to fully gain the trust back from clients that might have experienced adverse reactions from it just simply might have dissatisfied them. And if you are curious, here are just some of the several reasons as to why I think they made a good comeback to their loyal customers and clients.

As most of you might have guessed, the very first reason that made their comeback is that they are now finally FDA approved! The new version of Luxcent Glutathione plus Marine Collagen is now fully approved! Risk no more, you can now fully take this product with confidence and trust for they have finally made a way to tweak their highly concentrated previous formulations into a standard that perfectly hits the limit and guidelines set by the FDA all the while remaining as potent and effective. 

Which brings me to my second point, the new Luxcent 2.0 has made changes from their previous formulation. They have managed to keep in line with the health guidelines whereas still maintain the highest possible dosage of glutathione that can be purchased in the market. Which not only goes for Glutathione alone, but also to their collagen formulations. A great change that took into consideration the opinion and demand of the public with dedication in assuring safety and quality. 


Infected! Dangers of HIKO Nose Threadlift and Nose Fillers

With the advent of social media and off the scale craze over beauty, skin proportionality, and aesthetic perfection, one can easily get hooked up in being dissatisfied with one’s natural imperfectly perfect facial proportionality and seek out treatments that might help in improving perceived aesthetic facial deficiencies. Not that there’s something wrong with it, nevertheless it is still your peace of mind, and happiness that matters. Thus, I am hoping that this blog and vlog might help you in considering what procedure to undergo, either opt for the invasive rhinoplasty, or the non-invasive treatments available. 

Ever considered undergoing a safe and non-invasive procedure to augment your nose? Well there has been this ongoing recent trend that many famous personalities, vloggers and influencers rave about with very promising results and has made multiple reviews about, and it is the procedure called HIKO nose Threadlift. Traditionally, one of the most common facial non-invasive procedures that people usually opt for is Nose Fillers which are hyaluronic acid injections inserted into the skin that are supposed to accentuate and augment the nose bridge or tip giving it a lift when done correctly. Although both seem non-invasive, there have still been numerous studies worldwide that show the possibility of having complications from nose filler procedures such as vascular complications, vision disturbance or impairment, and worse, skin necrosis. 

With this in mind, you might then ask what makes HIKO nose Threadlift superior in comparison to the traditional Nose filler procedures? One of the reasons why HIKO nose threadlift rose to popularity is mainly because of its promising results that are immediate and with only minimal complications. HIKO Thread uses an technology called PDO (polydioxanone), a 3 dimensional barbed threads that are inserted into the skin that enhances the bridge and or the tip of the nose and also claims to stimulate the collagen of the skin as it helps reshape and improve the contour of the nose. Multiple insertion of threads are needed depending on the desired aesthetic outcome and shape of the nose one is wanting to achieve.

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Making it pop with Diet Coach’s Collagen GLOW POP!

Look who’s poppin! Oh it’s just Diet Coach’s Glow Pop Collagen supplement, and it's chewable too!

Always on the go and looking for something convenient and yet effective collagen supplement to achieve that glowing youthful and healthy looking skin? Why not try Diet Coach’s Chewable Collagen supplement and still be able to keep that glow as you go about your hectic, busy, and stressful schedule. With just one tablet, you’ll get 6000mg of collagen (type 1 and 3) plus 600mg of Vitamin C! Collagen supplements will also help not just with your skin, but also maintain the structural integrity of your hair, joints, bones, and nails which is also a plus if you’re looking for something to help with fine lines and wrinkles.

What makes the product special you might ask?

Initially, you’ll be stunned at how the packaging looks. I personally like the holographic design that they've chosen for the packaging. And all the necessary information and description of the product such as the ingredients list, direction of using the product and FAQ’s in taking the supplement are written in detail on the box and also on the bottle. 

Suitable for all skin types, and for men and women of all ages except below 18. A bottle of Glow Pop’s chewable collagen supplement costs P699.00 containing 30 chewable tablets of collagen. Which is considerably priced considering the high amount of collagen that it will give you if you’re planning on taking it 1-2 tablets a day. And 6,000 mg of collagen is high if you’re to compare it with other collagen tablets from the market, this one is the highest yet in terms of chewable collagen tablets. :) But in everything, always and never forget to consult your physician or your doctor before taking any supplements. :)

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