Not Your Typical Gluta with Gluta Melony 7 in 1 Supplement!

Are you someone who’s looking to not only have fairer skin but also achieve that overall glow from inside and out? Why not give Gluta Melony 7-in-1 supplement a shot and add to your daily diet. 

But before I even begin in speaking in detail about the pros and cons of this said product, I’d first like to tell you that as a disclaimer, this product still continues to remain unregistered to the Philippine’s FDA but is registered and has undergone all the necessary paperwork and inspection from its country of origin - Thailand. Nevertheless, if you are like me who’s willing to take the risk and to try it out yourself, well I suppose my experience and review of this product might enlighten you whether or not it would be worth the try. However, in consideration of all things that are necessary and to avoid any adverse reactions, it is very important that in taking any form of supplements, to firstly consult with your doctor or physician.

That said, you may be wondering what exactly this Gluta Melony 7-in-1 supplement is? And what makes it stand out from other glutathione supplements available in the market? Like all the different brands out there, all products claim to give you simply a fair complexion, but the thing that makes this stand out is the high amounts of Melon Extract found in the product. Its main ingredient, Melon Extract or also known scientifically as SOD (Superoxide dismutase) which basically suggests high concentrations of Melon extract, has been found by numerous clinical studies and trials to have an antioxidant effect on the skin. Together with L-Glutathione, Gluta Melony 7 in 1 claims to help with UV damage, dark spots, dry patches, and protection from sun damage. 

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With 60 capsules priced at P350.00, it will last you approximately 18 days and two capsules can be taken every morning and night. To put this to test, I personally took Gluta Melony twice every morning and night for 18 days. And it worked wonders! It helped me dry out my remaining acne breakout from previous products that I’ve reviewed prior to Gluta Melony. Yet again, the effects might vary depending on your lifestyle, diet, and skincare regimen.

Curious about my detailed personal experience and review of Gluta Melony? Do watch my vlog and visit my channel! I’d love to see you there!

In the end, this product worked wonders in clearing out my acne, but not so much with my skin complexion. If you want to take the risk and try it out for yourself, here is the legitimate Shopee link that you might want to visit:


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