Freshman Masculine Wash Review

Gone are the days when only women are conscious with their hygiene and how they look. As a matter of fact, a lot of beauty and skin care products are now specialized for men. But who will believe these companies would exceed the limit, now we have the counterpart of Feminine wash, literally. . . .the MASCULINE WASH!

You read it right. We now have Masculine wash. :)

So how is it different from other soaps or shower gels?

This is not new in the Philippines. Actually, they are being sold here since 2010, but it is just lately that consumers and bloggers have joined the rave. According to my research, masculine wash may not be a counterpart of feminine wash since men's private parts are not susceptible to bacteria unlike women's. Though this wash could relieve itchiness and odor.

Product to be reviewed: Freshman Masculine Wash 
Price: 79 Pesos/ around 2$
Where to buy: Watson's, SM Department Store
Where did I buy: Watson's (SM Bacoor)
For what: Relieve itchiness and odor

There are 2 variants of Freshman, one is Freeze and the other one is Original. I chose Freeze for one reason; this has 24 hour protection. I am not sure if Original has it too.


1. Thoroughly cleans unlike ordinary soap.

2. Eliminates and protects you from germs that cause unwanted odor and itchiness.

3. Helps the immune system in the helping process of minor scrapes and wounds.

4. Properly moisturizes the skin and gives you a cool and fresh feeling that lasts all day.

5. Is neutrally balanced at ph7 making it as a gentle on the skin as pure water.

Looks interesting and promising right?

Directions for use:

1. Wash area with water
2. Pour a small amount on your hand.
3. Gently massage the solution onto the genital area making it lather for 3 minutes.
4. Rinse thoroughly.

Pogi Points:

1. Affordable, for the good effects it could give.

2. It smells good. It smells Nivea Facial Wash or I would want to compare it to a Baby Cologne. Haha.
3. I love the cool and fresh feeling after using this.

4. I was surprised that this is ph7. Hence, it is really gentle on skin.


1. "Helps the immune system in the helping process of minor scrapes and wounds," I don't know how it would help in the process? Enlighten me, anyone? :)

Mr. Pogi says:

I will give Freshman Masculine Wash an AWESOME POGI POINTS of 5/5 

As an experimental type of person, I would say that it's one of the products to keep. We, men should not just be presentable outside but as well inside. :P This would definitely be a good additional for daily regimen. :)


Paki review din po ToppCock Silver Man Parts Protection Gel


Hello! I've checked Toppcock and it looks interesting. I'm excited to have a review, soon! :)

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