Coron Adventure: What to Bring and What to Expect

Your flight to Palawan is coming and still thinking of what to bring and what to expect? I’ve always  been in your shoes. No Itinerary? No problem. :)

This breath-taking scenery was taken minutes before our arrival at Coron airport. Thank you Skyjet Philippines for a smooth and safe flight. :) You may visit their website at :)

What to expect in Coron?

1. You have to ride a van (150 Pesos or approx. 4 Dollars) and travel 20 minutes just to reach Coron town proper. Enjoy seeing cows walking along the road. :)

2. Coron town proper is small. There are no malls nor big establishments. You can explore the entire town by walking. :)

3. Fond of night life? This is not the right place for you. Upon roaming around the island at night, only a handful establishments are open. According to my friend who lives in Coron, they have pool party, once a month so better yet ask the dates first before scheduling your trip. It is usually on a Saturday night. I was fortunate during my stay because there was a pool party. But I chose to stay in my room and slept. Haha.

4. You may opt to book your tour package when you arrive. Number of tour agencies are scattered around the town. The good thing is you can haggle! :)

5. When looking for cheap yet unique souvenirs, try the store few blocks away from Aquabest refilling station. Don't forget to try their fruit shakes as well. So refreshing!

6. Prepare your stamina before going to Mt. Tapyas. Bring water. Bring your camera for picture perfect selfies. :)

View from Mt. Tapyas

7. For dried fish, go directly to Coron wet market; much cheaper! :)

8. Coron has the calmest water. I'm aquaphobic. I don't know how to swim. But it is only in Coron that I enjoyed boat ride.

9. The weather is hotter in Coron compare to Manila. So humid!

10. Since you are already in Coron, never miss the opportunity to visit Calauit Island. You need an extra day for this. :)

What to bring:

1. Insects are all over the place! Always bring insect repellent with you. :) I had dengue week after my trip. Tsk. Tsk.

2. Snorkeling gear
Beauty of Coron is found under water, don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear. Otherwise, rent. :)

3. Beach attire
Bring the best beach outfits that you have. :)

4. Sunblock

I am not a sunblock user. I never like its sticky feeling when applied on skin. There are only few occasions that I know I needed help from sunblock. If that happens, I make sure Hortaleza, MD Sunblock Lotion for Face and Body with SPF 45 is in my bag. :)

5. Camera and GoPro
It is a necessity to document your adventure. Don't forget to bring extra batteries. :)

Selfie! :)
6. Water
Since weather is humid, bring water bottles with you especially during your island hopping.

7-8. Life vest and Dry bag

Dry bag bought from SM Outlet Store

Always keep your life vest near you. We had lunch in one of the islands. The boat needed to stay few meters away from the shore since it was low tide. When we were about to ride boat after taking lunch, the water level has risen. We were already half way from shore to our boat. I honestly got scared. I have with me my newly bought phone. I have to take care of my phone as well as myself. What made it more difficult is that we have to walk on corals. The water was already neck-level when I reached our boat. Just in nick of time! Haha.

9. Aqua Shoes

water shoe is a type of footwear that are typically used for activities where the feet are likely to become wet, such as kayaking. Water shoes are made of mesh and have a hard sole used to prevent cuts and abrasions when walking in wet, rocky environments. Water shoes are also used to protect people's feet in waters with sharp-rocked floors or zebra mussels, in which case their primary purpose is not to keep the wearer's feet dry. 

It is essential to bring aqua shoes. Corals are everywhere. Our tour guide insisted that we must always have footwear. There was an incident before that a tourist was killed by an unknown reason. He said that the tourist might stepped on a poisonous coral. It's better to follow than sorry.

10. Extra Money

Metrobank, BPI, Allied Bank, Land Bank and Taytay sa Kausawagan are the only banks available in Coron. So in case your bank is not mentioned, kindly bring extra money. Otherwise, bring ATM card with you. Credit cards are useless in the island. Haha.


Day 1

15:00- Flight from Manila Terminal 3 to Busuanga Airport
15:35- ETA at Busuanga Airport

15:50- Van ride to Coron town proper
16:20- Check-in to Hotel
17:00- Mt. Tapyas (Don't forget to bring extra clothes and toiletries)
18:30- Ride a tricycle going to Maquinit Hot spring
20:30- Ride a tricycle going to Kawayan Grill

Never miss an opportunity to try Alligator/Crocodile Sisig! :)
22:00- Free time

Day 2

06:00- Wake up call
07:00- Breakfast/Food trip (Tip: Most of restaurants open at 9:00 AM.)
09:00- Call time for Island hopping
09:20- Start of Island hopping

16:00- End of Island hopping (You may already buy "Pasalubong" at Coron market)
16:40- Back to Hotel
18:00- Dinner

19:00- Free time (I bought souvenirs)

**Day 3:

Calauit Island tour

**Day 4:

Flight back to Manila

Day 3:

07:00- Wake-up call
08:00- Breakfast
09:00- Looked for more souvenirs
10:00- Packed up things
11:00- Picked up by van (Arranged by the agency where I booked my tour travel)
12:00- Busuanga Airport
14:20- Flight to Manila
15:00- Manila :)

Mr. Pogi says:

If you are a person who is laid back, wants an escape from urban life, and enjoys looking at scenery, Coron is a perfect place for you.

This is one of the most memorable travel trips I've experienced. Why? I had dengue after my trip. HAHA. Lesson? Better do research before going to an unfamiliar place. :) Still, Coron is a place I would want to visit again. :)

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