Fitness Oil Control Sheet Vs. Clean And Clear Oil Control Film Review

For people who have oily to combination skin like me, blotting sheets are our bestfriend. :)

Here's a tip for everyone:

"Oiliness is next to ugliness."  :)

Oil control sheets help in making face look cleaner and healthier. For those of you who wear makeup, you can use this for retouching. Use 1-2 sheets if you feel oily and VOILA!! Back to the party. :)

When to use oil control sheets?? You should know your skin type first.


We all have different skin type. To know your type, follow these steps from Wikihow:

1.Wash your face- this will help in removing oils and dirt for a fresh start.
2.Wait for an hour.
3. Dab your face with a tissue or oil control sheet- pay attention to your T-zone area which are your forehead, nose and chin.
4. Determine your skin type.

        a. Normal skin- shows neither oil nor flaking skin. It should feel supple and smooth. If you have it, consider yourself lucky.

        b. Oily skin- characterized by the grease on the tissue. It is also common for a person with oily skin to have large pores and a shine.

       c. Dry skin-  skin may feel taut or show flakes of dead skin. It is associated with small pores. Moisturizing is important for this skin type.

       d. Combination skin- most common. It exhibits traits of all three of the above skin types. Usually, the skin is oily in the T-zone and normal to dry elsewhere.

I have a combination skin but thanks to my new found facial foam and I was able to control it. I will make a review of that soon. :)

What's the best blotting sheet??

Clean and Clear Oil Control Film is already proven and used by most people who have oily-combination skin. I was in Watson's when I saw this Finess Oil Control Sheet. I was not about to buy this, but upon seeing the price. . . .ooh men!! It is way too far inexpensive than Clear and Clear.


Pogi Points:

1. Soft and silky.

2. I love using this because I am excited to see the oil in the sheet. Very evident. :)

3. It makes my face look cleaner.

4. You can push at the back so you can easily get the sheet.

5. Can easily get oil on face.


1. Expensive. :)


Amidst its quite inexpensive price, I will give Clean and Clear Oil Control Film a PERFECT POGI POINTS 5/5 I will still go on the quality. :) 

✓ :)



Gently pat the sheet on the face and neck to absorb oil and dirt.

Pogi Points:

1. The number one reason why I bought this because of its price. 35 pesos for 100 sheets?? I can almost buy 4 of this in the price of Clean and Clear. You would not have regrets of using 4 sheets a day. HAHA. :)

2. It's a good eyeglass cleaner. I use it for my eyeglass since it always gets oily.

3. A good alternative for Clean and Clear.

4. Removes oil on my face.


1. It did remove oils in my face but I cannot see it much. I have to put it on a dark surface just to see the oil.

2.  If you have a very oily face, it can easily be torn.

3.Super thin that I sometimes get 2-3 pieces of it at the same time. I will just notice it when I am  already dabbing it on my face.

4. You know Japanese paper?? You can compare it to this. :)


I will give Finess Oil Control Sheet a POGI POINTS OF 3/5 POGI POINTS 

Mr. Pogi says:

If you are on a budget, go try out Finess. It was actually a good oil control sheet. But if I will to decide, I would buy Clean and Clear. I am more satisfied, and I can feel that my face turns oil free. :)


Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Review

Ever tried a whitening toothpaste??

I have been dreaming of a whiter teeth since I was gifted with a yellowish one. What I hate most is that when I started to have braces, it turned to be more yellowish. To boost the ego of yellow smile community, my dentist told me that yellowish teeth are stronger than people with white teeth. But still who wants to smile on pictures when you are carrying a sweetcorn in your mouth?? :)

I haven't tried any whitening toothpaste other than baking soda which they believe can lighten teeth but WTF, it tastes no good! It made my teeth sensitive to hot or cold drinks so I stop using it.

Recently, I saw a promising commercial that I think is the answer for my all time problem--the COLGATE OPTIC WHITE TOOTHPASTE.

Product to be reviewed: Colgate Optic White Toothpaste
Price: 107 Pesos/ 2-3$
Net WT: 75 ml/100g
Where to buy: Watson's, Supermarket, Drugstores
Where did I buy: SM Department Store (Watson's)
For: Teeth whitening


The BOX:

Colgate promises to give "One shade whiter after one week."

It has whitening accelerators that safely exfoliate stains and polish your teeth surface.

When used regularly, it can also help in:
1. Fight cavities
2. Protect enamel
3. Remove plaque
4. Freshen breath


Sparkling Mint


Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably after each meal or at least three times a day, 2 minutes each time.


I have been using Optic White for almost 2 weeks now, after each meal (more or less 3 times a day) . Unfortunately I wasn't able to document since day 1, but I have a picture taken a month ago for comparison.

APRIL 2013 (Before using the product)

Pogi Points:

1. The box and container look elegant. It is catchy to the eyes. By just looking the box, and the idea that it is a teeth whitening, I thought the price would range from 300-400 Pesos.

2. I can say that it really lightens my teeth. I am just using this for 2 weeks and given I have braces, I can see results. It is not drastic but THERE is a minimal change. My teeth look cleaner.

3. What I love most about this is the price. It's just 107 Pesos but the tube is big. You can use it for 1-2 months. You're just like buying an ordinary toothpaste with its price.

4. Its availability is also a plus factor. You can buy it anywhere upon finishing your tube.

5. The taste is so good. When I encounter the word "whitening toothpaste," I always associate it with the taste of baking soda which is salty. But Optic White tastes like any products of Colgate. I guess there is only one flavor of it which is the sparkling mint but that minty flavor freshen my breath.

6. Aside from whitening, it also fights cavities, protects enamel and removes plaque.

3RD WEEK OF MAY 2013 (After 1 week of using the product)


1. I had sores and cuts in my mouth on my first week of using this.

2. I think the ingredients are strong so if you have sensitive teeth or gums, don't use it.

3. Still don't know if it is permanent or if I stop using this product, I'll get back to my original shade.

Mr. Pogi says:

If you are under medications or have braces, please ask your dentist first. :)

Considering my braces, its price, taste and effects in my teeth, I would definitely PURCHASE another one. Even though it may not work for some, I would still continue using this because it is just like buying another brand of toothpaste.

I will give Optic White a POGI POINTS OF 4.5/5.0 ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓.   

We'll see if my teeth will lighten more, after few months. :)

**I am not paid to do a review for this product. I bought this for my own.**
**What works on me may or might not work on you**



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