I am Now a TV Host! :)

It has always been a dream of mine to be be shown on National Television. I remembered the times I auditioned for different shows and commercials. I stopped trying after I was hired as a TV Director for ChinatownTV (IBC 13). I was contented and believed that I was meant to work off-cam. But as they say, you can never predict your future. Everyone I never expected it would come a time I would say this but I AM NOW A TV HOST! :) 

You can watch me as I host Music & Entertainment, Mondays to Fridays, 10 AM, 2 PM, 6 PM and 10 PM only on STV! :) 

What I like about our show is that we feature song and dance covers from artists. Somehow, just like myself that is starting in the industry, the program is also a venue for aspiring people to show and share their talents. :)  

For those of you who are asking what network I am into. Here it is:
STV is a mainstream digital channel which features social media contents or any worthwhile works or creations such as Do It Yourself videos, short films, vlogs, film and animation, tutorial, hobbies, entertainment, etc. It is available in ABS-CBN TV Plus and other digiboxes in the Philippines. :)

We are actually a subchannel of UNTV. Wish 107.5 is also under the same management. :) 

There you have it everyone! I do hope you support me in this endeavor. I know this is just the start. There are rooms for improvement and I will never get tired of growing. :) Let's never stop dreaming and achieving our goals. :)

If ever you catch the show, don't hesitate to take a photo or message me. I am open for critics. :)

EXTRA: Here's a video of mine hosting the show. :)

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