APOLLO VS. VASELINE: LAWbanan for the Grand Dupe

Let the LAWbanan for the Grand Dupe Commence! APOLLO VS. VASELINE

Wouldn't it be nice if your lips would stay luscious 24-7? Smooth, subtly Red and kissable? Or perhaps even just for a moment you might desire to have a red or healthy looking lips all the while as having a strict budget. Well I know just the thing to suggest, the Apollo lip balm or the Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips. With both priced reasonably and affordably, I am very sure that you won’t regret giving either a shot, but the question is who will stand as the most bang for the buck and the grand dupe of one of my most favorite Mac Cosmetics’ Hint of Colour Lip Oil?


Off the bat, the most obvious similarities from both products is that both contain petroleum jelly and pigment that will give you lip moisture, lip protection, and a hint of pinkish-reddish pigment for a healthy looking lips that are not too overpowering. And this I think is very suitable if you want to achieve that no makeup look for women, and also for men. Lastly, both products are affordable and reasonably priced.


Now for the tough part, side by side and in comparison, it is worth noting that there are also differences with each product that makes each unique in its own right, such as the packaging, product consistency and formulation, scent and pigment. With the uniqueness of each product, I will only be mentioning some of the pros that stood out from my experience. And if you really want to know my full review and deliberation, I highly suggest that you watch my vlog. :D


If you are looking for a lip balm that has little pigment that smells nice (Rose scent) when applied, then perhaps Vaseline is the way to go. Although priced a little higher at P125.00 compared to Apollo.


On your marks, get set, HELLO GLOW! LAWbanan of Hello Glow Toners

Say hello to Hello Glow’s Skin Care set! This brand by Everbilena Cosmetics was launched on the 22nd of February last year with the aim and focus in providing skin care products that are affordable, vegan, paraben free, cruelty free, SLS free that are suitable for all skin types. For as their tagline says, “because your skin matters.”

But the question is, will it really give me that oh lala Hello glowing skin? To answer this, I was lucky enough to be given three of their skin care sets featured in the line: 1) the Advanced Rejuvenating Set set; 2) Blemish Miracle Set and; 3) the Acne Defense Set. All three sets are designed and formulated to target your individual concerns and needs that are suitable for all skin types. All sets are priced the same which I do find to be very affordable, each set costs around P360.00.

But, TBH and to be frank with you, if you’ve been sticking around for some time, you are somewhat aware that I’m not really a big fan of skin care sets. For this reason I’ll only be focusing on the toners included in each set and will be comparing each of them together including my full experience, thoughts, and recommendations. I highly suggest you watch my full review and comparison if you want to know more! :)

In order to introduce you with the LAWbanan, here are the three toners in question:

Hello Glow Get Bright Pore Toner

An alcohol free toner that contains PHA (Polyhydroxy acids) and stabilized Kojic acid that claims to reduce dark spots, exfoliate the skin, promote skin repair, and brighten skin complexion.

Hello Glow Miracle Pore Control Toner

Contains AHA and BHA that will help to exfoliate, brighten, treat acne, and minimize skin damage. It also contains soothing extracts such as Centella Asiatica, Licorice root Extract, Rosemary leaf extract, and Green tea extract.

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