50 Pesos for a New Book: National Book Store Blowout + BOOK HAUL

Hello everyone! :) I know for the book lovers out there, it's the Big Bad Wolf Season! :) But we all know that it's also the season of falling in long lines because of the crowd going to this event. Worry no more, National Book Store has something for you! :)

As Arra (Hello friend!) and I were looking for a milk tea shop, our attention was stuck by the 80% Discount Banner of National Bookstore Super branch Cubao (beside Gateway Mall). :) Since we both love books (who doesn't), we hurriedly went inside the store.

It's no joke! They are really on sale! :) You can get up to 80% OFF! :) Popular and new released books also have 20% discount! :) On the other hand, we were disappointed that Filipino books are not on sale. Tsk. Tsk. :)

Here are the books I got! :)


I was INVITED! Fortune High School Talk 2019

One of the highlights of my 2018 was, I was invited by different schools and organizations to talk about Blogging. I felt that it was the right time for me to give back and share my knowledge about this industry. I am delighted every time my attendees message me on my social media accounts to thank me for inspiring them to start their own blogs. I was also able to mentor some in starting their own sites. :)

This year, I joined and co-founded a group named Lagalag PH. Its main purpose is travel and go to different places while giving talks to schools and organizations. For one of our stops, we were invited to share our expertise at Fortune High School in Marikina.



Hello everyone! :) I am happy to announce that aside from our blog site, we can now be watched on Youtube! :) Yes! I have decided to enter the vlogging world to reach to wider audience. :)

So how can you watch our video? Just type Sir Lawrence on the Search tab or you can click on this tab:

Here are some of our sample videos there! :)

These are just some of the videos you can watch on our channel. Hope to see you there! :) Don't forget to subscribe as well. :)

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