50 Pesos for a New Book: National Book Store Blowout + BOOK HAUL

Hello everyone! :) I know for the book lovers out there, it's the Big Bad Wolf Season! :) But we all know that it's also the season of falling in long lines because of the crowd going to this event. Worry no more, National Book Store has something for you! :)

As Arra (Hello friend!) and I were looking for a milk tea shop, our attention was stuck by the 80% Discount Banner of National Bookstore Super branch Cubao (beside Gateway Mall). :) Since we both love books (who doesn't), we hurriedly went inside the store.

It's no joke! They are really on sale! :) You can get up to 80% OFF! :) Popular and new released books also have 20% discount! :) On the other hand, we were disappointed that Filipino books are not on sale. Tsk. Tsk. :)

Here are the books I got! :)

1. 1001 Little Skincare Miracles

Price: 138 Pesos after discount (60% OFF!)

As a beauty blogger, I know I will learn something new on this book that I could also share to you guys! :) I already read few pages and I could say it's really helpful. :)

2. The Upside of Un Requited

Price: 179.50 Pesos after the Discount (60% OFF!)

When I saw that it is the companion to the book, Love, Simon, I never had hesitations to buy this book. :) I love the movie so I know I will definitely this as well. :)

3. The Pilgrimage

Price: 196 Pesos after the discount (20% OFF!) 

Paulo Coelho is a good author. My co-teacher and I were just discussing this few days ago. So grabbed the opportunity on buying this while on sale! :)

4. Loser

Price: 51 pesos after the discount (80% OFF!)

Who would say no to a 50 Peso brand-new book, right? :) I honestly don't know what its story. But basing it on the title and the tagline, I know this will be a good read! :) 

I actually carried a lot of books (impulsive buying) but before paying it, I thought that it will be unpractical to hoard. So I just choose the important books for now. :)

There you have it guys! :) The sale is extended until February 28, 2019! :) You can go to their branch in Cubao. And I'm assuring you, NO LONG LINES! :)

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