Ishin C Plus Review: A Redemptive Comeback

As many of you all know, I have made quite a commotion after reviewing Ishin Glutathione or Collagen Advance White Japan Formula supplement. Many of you Kamukha have been contacting me and commenting about my honest review of the product, and it was quite the controversy. But I’m surprised that they’re making a comeback and made improvements as a brand overall, and have now made a comeback with their FDA approved vitamin C supplement called Ishin C Plus

I came across Ishin C Plus and got curious about testing it out when I had contracted COVID-19. Because I was prescribed by my physician to take at least a minimum of 500mg of vitamin C a day. Trying out this product came into my mind and immediately grabbed a hold of one bottle. 

A bottle of Ishin C Plus costs P350.00 and contains 60 capsules. With this, each capsule has a total of 500mg Vitamin C derived from Rose Hip fruit, Sodium Ascorbate, Probiotics, and Beta Glucan. Costing only P6.00 per tablet, the key ingredients that makes this product standout is Ishin's emphasis on deriving their formulations from natural products such as vitamin C from rose hip, and the inclusion of probiotics and beta glucan in their formulation.

This is indeed not your typical vitamin C. For Ishin C plus cares also for your overall health and skin, helping you with digestion, skin regeneration, and in eliminating free radicals by acting as an antioxidant, all the while as it also strengthens your immune system.

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Trying this out for a month is definitely and without a doubt, a good decision. It not only gave me the vitamin C that I needed, but it even helped me with taking care of my skin and overall health. This is a yes for me, and I’m happy to see another product that will be on my go to list for vitamins.

If you’re looking for Vitamin C supplements and more, try and give Ishin a shot, here are legitimate shopee links on where to get them:



Do watch my full review if you want to know more about my thoughts and opinion about the product. 

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