KB Gluta Review: Is an advance formula bang for the buck?

Are you looking for a glutathione that will work for your skin that is worth the price? If you are, then KB Gluta advance formula may be just for you. Having extra cash to splurge is not only the reason why KB Gluta is good for, well in fact, KB Gluta does stand up to what it claims to be, namely advance in its formulation, you’ll definitely get what you paid for.

With a sleek combination of white and gold packaging, each capsule of KB Gluta pills comes with 6 main ingredients which are glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, L- Cystine, NAC, rosehips, and sakura extract. Per capsule of KB Gluta contains 1000 mg of product. What’s more, the KB Gluta is FDA approved and has all the necessary certificates to assure quality and safety, for this reason it falls a little on the pricey side starting at P1,500.00 for 60 capsules.

To know more about my personal experience with the product and discussion of its formulation and overall its effect on my skin, you can click on the link of my vlog below. 

Overall, the KB Gluta is so-so for me. Not that it lacked anything, but rather it delivered perfectly as expected, expected of the pricing, the formulation, and the sleek packaging, this will certainly work if you’re looking for a good product for skin lightening and in improving skin elasticity. The only downside perhaps may be the price, for there are other similar products or brands in the market that work similarly for an affordable price.

It is a bang for the buck, that is of course if you have the budget or an extra cash to splurge.

If you want to give it a try, here are legitimate shops on where to get it: (WITH FREE VITAMIN C ) 



Another one! Looking for an affordable medical grade LED Face mask for your startup business or an at home use? Or perhaps you might be tired of going to clinics or venturing into opening up a clinic of your own, well I may just have the solution for you, the Utopanda led face mask which came all the way from Europe and markets itself as an affordable medical grade LED face mask. But you might ask, what factors will UTOPANDA stand out in this very competitive skin care market industry?

What more could you ask for, Utopanda is a medical grade LED face mask that will save you extensive time from your regular visits from clinics that can now be done at the comfort of your own home. Bang for the buck right? Saves you time, fuel, energy and effort, a definite long term good investment. Not to mention, Utopanda is also a good investment if you are planning into opening a clinic of your own.

It also does not come short with the features that it offers. This Medical grade face mask has 1,200 LED lights that specializes in three kinds of lights to target your specified skin concerns, namely red, blue, and yellow light options.

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To put it to the test, I tried it for 3x a day for 2 weeks. If you want to know the results and how my journey with the product went, I did make a review of this on my vlog that will be linked below.

In the end, after trying this out for myself, this is certainly a good investment either for personal use, or for business. A sure yes from me!

If you’re planning on getting one, here are legitimate shops and their respective links:


Xiaomi BeBird R1: An Affordable Entry-level Earwax Remover

This may be perhaps one of the most unusual reviews that I’ve done so far. HAHA. Digressing a bit from skin care and beauty products, I'll be reviewing the infamous tool that will let you see, examine, and even clean the insides of your ear! Shocking right? Personally, I’m not really a big fan of digital ear cleaners, but out of curiosity I decided to grab myself one and see for myself what it would feel like and perhaps think of ways how it could be useful, and also the pros and cons that comes along with using similar devices. 

The retail starting price of Xiaomi’s BeBird R1 is as low as P650.00, by far this is the only affordable entry-level digital ear cleaning device out there. From the box, you’ll be able to get the actual cleaning device, a USB cable, and an extra cleaning tip. Judging by the looks of it, the tool is sturdy, portable, and handy.

The Xiaomi BeBird R1 works through a wireless wifi connection that can be accessed by the BeBird app from the apple or google play store. Powered by a 250mAh battery, it features a 3 megapixels lens that is IP67 waterproof; a CMOS sensor for clear magnification and viewing angles, 6 LED Lights; and a 3 axis smart directional gyroscope.

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Ishin C Plus Review: A Redemptive Comeback

As many of you all know, I have made quite a commotion after reviewing Ishin Glutathione or Collagen Advance White Japan Formula supplement. Many of you Kamukha have been contacting me and commenting about my honest review of the product, and it was quite the controversy. But I’m surprised that they’re making a comeback and made improvements as a brand overall, and have now made a comeback with their FDA approved vitamin C supplement called Ishin C Plus

I came across Ishin C Plus and got curious about testing it out when I had contracted COVID-19. Because I was prescribed by my physician to take at least a minimum of 500mg of vitamin C a day. Trying out this product came into my mind and immediately grabbed a hold of one bottle. 

A bottle of Ishin C Plus costs P350.00 and contains 60 capsules. With this, each capsule has a total of 500mg Vitamin C derived from Rose Hip fruit, Sodium Ascorbate, Probiotics, and Beta Glucan. Costing only P6.00 per tablet, the key ingredients that makes this product standout is Ishin's emphasis on deriving their formulations from natural products such as vitamin C from rose hip, and the inclusion of probiotics and beta glucan in their formulation.

This is indeed not your typical vitamin C. For Ishin C plus cares also for your overall health and skin, helping you with digestion, skin regeneration, and in eliminating free radicals by acting as an antioxidant, all the while as it also strengthens your immune system.

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Road to clear skin! Goodbye to Rejuvenating sets with Garden Lab PH’s Rosehip and Tamanu Oil

Long are the days of breakouts! Well, not thanks to rejuvenating sets, you all know how much I resent Rejuvenating sets and how ruinous it could be on the skin. Thus, Garden Lab PH took care of that issue and helped me achieve clear skin. For well over a year I’ve ditch the sets, and gradually made my way with using oils to help my skin. Although, I must say as a warning, don’t get too excited, but carefully assess your needs, your budget, the formulation, and most of all, your skin type before even trying oils in a frenzy!

As being known to be as a solid user of oils, one of you suggested this brand called Garden Lab Ph, and told me to give this brand a shot. You also recommended my all time favorite Rose hip oil to be combined with Tamanu oil. I too honestly never heard of this oil before, but when I looked into it, it’s actually a good oil to help with acne. 

And thanks to Garden Lab Ph, the majority of their products are packaged in a very informative way. Descriptions, directions, and the formulation as well as the type of oil they are made of, are clearly written in each bottle, not only that but what comes in handy is also the way in which the main use and function of the oil is put in front of the bottle.

Upon my research, Tamanu Oil has been widely used across the Polynesian region and some parts of Asia. It has properties that are anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, and is even known to have properties that will repair UV Skin damage. Just like Turmeric oil, which Garden Lab Ph has combined, seems a good combination to treat wound, scars, rashes, insect bites, and acne.

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Whitelight for Your Skin’s Delight: A review of Aim’s Global Whitelight Sublingual L-Glutathione

Perhaps Aim’s Global Whitelight may be the solution to your desire to have that fair glow. With an affordable starting price of P300, your desire for a fairer skin has never been this reachable! If you’re interested in planning to try and grab a hold of this product, perhaps this might be helpful in considering your options. 

To begin with, and with certainty, one can never miss the eye-catching, elegant demure that Whitelight has been packaged into. Packaged in a black box with gold font color, the product comes in a classy and reflective gold-colored cylindrical bottle spray. The box, and as well as the spray bottle, contains all the necessary labels, descriptions, and formulations.

For an affordable price of P300.00, a bottle of Whitelight Sublingual L-Glutathione contains 2,500mg of L-Glutathione and 1,000mg of Vitamin C. The formulation is sufficiently enough considering the very affordable price that it comes with. The product directions prescribes it to be taken/sprayed twice (2x) sublingually (under the tongue) for 2x a day. 

Putting it to the test, I took Whitelight’s Sublingual L-Glutathione for 3 weeks. In my first week of trying it out, I followed the directions and took 2 sprays day and night. To my surprise, it did leave me with a glow, I had quite a noticeable glow to my skin and face. However, I’m not quite sure whether it's due to a supplement that I was taking that week, or combined with the product, makes it more robust. As such, in my second week, I mainly focused on taking Whitelight’s alone and decided to increase my dosage by taking 3 sprays per day. Yet again, it’s quite the same, not much has changed, I didn’t notice much change compared to the first week. And finally in my last week of trying, I now decided to increase it to 4 sprays a day. 

After three weeks of trying, I was only able to finally see a noticeable difference in my skin when I increased my dosage of taking 4 sprays day and night (8 sprays in total). 

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A Lawbanan Primer: NuWhite S-Acetyl Glutathione vs. Eslite S-Acetyl Glutathione

Back at it again with the Lawbanan of two of the most well requested S-Acetyl oral glutathione pills! Many of you have been requesting to make a review about Nuwhite S Acetyl Glutathione and Eslight S - Acetyl Glutathione. And since both products remain to be somewhat of a hot topic, what better way to review them by comparing them side by side, and to properly demonstrate the three simple steps that I usually do in trying products namely N (need), B (Budget), and F (Form). I haven’t personally tried each yet, but this review will serve as primer for both products, stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated for the second round of this Lawbanan of NuWhite vs. Eslite! 

Eslight S - Acetyl Glutathione (Need, Budget, and Form)

With the starting price of P1,680, a bottle of Eslite S - Acetyl Glutathione comes with 30 capsules that will give you 250mg of product per capsule which is advised to be taken 1 capsule per day. One of the biggest standouts of this product is the claim that it promises to deliver, in as  little as three weeks they claim that you’ll be able to notice the difference, evenmore, each capsule is packed with 200mg of S-acetyl glutathione combined with 10 mg of Superoxide dismutase (SOD) from Cantaloupe Melon Extract, eslight claims to give you health benefits such as, younger and fairer looking skin; strong immunity; liver protection; increase in energy production; for SOD and S-acetyl glutathione combined together will act as a powerful antioxidant that will help you with whitening and maintaining healthy collagen levels.

Nuwhite (Need, Budget, and Form) 

Whereas with Nuwhite, it is priced a little higher than Eslite with the starting price of P1,880 (only P200 pesos price difference), it comes packed with 500 mg per capsule of its active ingredients namely S-acetyl glutathione (200mg), marine collagen (100mg). Vitamin E (50mg), and Ascorbic Acid (150mg). Recommended to be taken 1 capsule per day, you’ll not only get s-acetyl glutathione, but plus the marine collage, vitamin E, and C. 

Final thoughts and Conclusion

To be honest with you, this is a tight and close fight. Both products practically do the same effect to your skin and to your overall wellness, but the only differences between these two is the pricing, and formulation that will suit your very personalized need and goal. If you’re looking for a product that’s potent, simple, and effective, eslight may be a good bet. But if you’re more concerned about ensuring the overall wellness of your health and wants additional vitamins and collagen, then perhaps Nuwhite is the one for you.

But if you’d ask me, I personally prefer Nuwhite. With just a couple of additional pesos, you’ll also have the additional marine collagen and vitamins E and C. Yet of course, products may react differently to each of us, and at the end of the day, it is still your very own assessment of your budget, need, and formulation that will help you in choosing the best one for you. 

Here are legitimate links on where to get both products:



If you’d like to watch the full Lawbanan primer of Nuwhite and eslight S-acetyl Glutathione, do watch my video and visit my channel and stay tunned for more reviews and upcoming Lawbanan!

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