I'm their SPEAKER: Blogging Seminar Experience

Who would have thought that from just being a participant of numerous talks about blogging, from just a fan, it would come to a point that I would be given a chance to share my life being a blogger?

When I was a student, I was always inspired by the stories of the speakers invited in our school. I promised myself that I will one day also be giving talks to students. Few years later, I fulfilled a bucket list when a school invited me to share my life in the media industry. It was a worth remembering moment for me. A dream came true. :) 

I actually never stopped. It was then followed by another talk to students for a different school. I then organized seminars for corporate companies. Most of my talks are about Events Management and Personal Development.

Two weeks ago, I received an email from National University College of Business and Accountancy inviting me to be a speaker for their event. The topic given is close to my heart, blogging. :) My blog is turning 5 this year. Having advertisers and collaborated with brands, getting recognition, being featured in different social media sites, I believe it is the right time to share what I have accomplished which anyone can do or even do more. Without hesitations, I said yes.

Poster :)

TADAA! :) I heard that there was also a tarpaulin of the schedule of the seminars with the picture of the speakers. Too bad it was already late when I knew. :) 

February 13, 2018

I know I was prepared. I have 90+ slides with me. :) I want them to be inspired. I may not encourage them all to blog, just a single participant who would try blogging will mean a difference. :)

I arrived on time. :) Let me just say that NU has really good facilities. Kudos to the admin! :)

I was shocked when I entered the hall. It was jam-packed. There were students who were already standing. We were I think 3 speakers having a seminar simultaneously in different halls. To have that number of participants who voluntarily went to see and hear my talk, I was flattered. :)

With Ms. Medina, faculty member of NU College of Business and Accountancy

I never felt nervous since I could see in the eyes of the students that they were eager to learn. I love their energy and sense of humor. The seminar went smoothly. :)

I apologize if I don't have pictures with the participants. I don't know if the organizers have instructed the students not to have pictures with the speakers. HAHA. Organizers treated us like VIPs. Before and right after the seminar, the speakers have marshals and assisted to an office. We actually didn't have the chance to mingle with the students aside from the seminar per se. :) Nevertheless, I know I have imparted learnings to them. It's always the memories that everyone will cherish. :)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karen who invited me to their event, Kurth, their super approachable President, the students who assisted me, teachers, and to all NU students who attended and now my reader, thank you for your warm welcome. :) You guys rock! Till next time! :) Congrats for the successful Entrepreneurship Week! :)

P.S.: Someone's booking a schedule. I will be delivering another talk about blogging. Yey! :)

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