Manila Digital Hackathon 2016 Experience

I was fortunate to be one of the 25 participants of Manila Hackathon 2016. :)

The Digital Halo-Halo Hackathon is a unique creative competition sponsored by Facebook and Affinis Labs. This competition creates innovative digital stories, online campaigns, initiatives and content that will strengthen digital literacy of Filipinos and promote positive online engagement and dialogue. The winning team will receive initial funding, mentorship, support and press for their project.
The competition is also a special, unique event that celebrates the Philippiness' rich, celebrated tradition of storytelling and promotes digital literacy and respectful online engagement. Specifically, carefully selected teams imagine and create new digital stories and online campaigns that highlight the strength of Filipino diversity and promote peace. The event brings the nation's brightest talents together for a three-day festival of thought turned into a call for action.

NOV 24 (Thursday) 
Teams attend a public workshop to learn best practices from professionals at Facebook and AJ+, as well as local tech superstars.

NOV 25 (Friday)
During this day, teams develop their projects in a fast-paced competition.

This is the most exhausting day for me. Haha. We were divided into groups and had 30 hours to come up with a project. Yes. Only 30 hours. Haha. I remembered one of my favorite movies, Intership. :) 

Hi from my teammates. :)

Everyone's busy. HAHA. :)

From different problems we have listed and discussed, we zeroed in with the NEGATIVE STIGMA AND HASTY GENERALIZATION ABOUT MINDANAO. It took us a hard time in the screening process incorporating the input from the Hackathon expert facilitators. Then we conceptualized ideas that will help solve the problem and we came up with PROJECT 97 - Sarimanok: The Homecoming. We are truly grateful to have seasoned startup mentors from various business fields who helped us refine, improve and strengthen the proposed solution to the identified problem.

Project 97 – Sarimanok: The Homecoming aims to build a POSITIVE IMAGE in Mindanao through digital literacy. We will start in Marawi City with the zip code 9700 – the basis of Project 97. Why Marawi City? It is because of the following reasons: It is the only Islamic City in the Philippines. It is the capital city of the province of Lanao del Sur. It is where Kilometer 0 – “the original reference point of all roads in Mindanao” is located and it is where the majestic Lake Lanao is situated – the major source of water flowing in Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City with hydroelectric powerplant serving the electric power needs in Mindanao.

Why Sarimanok: The Homecoming? Because it is closely linked to the HOME OF SARIMANOK which is Marawi City. It is a very significant cultural symbol for the Maranaos and is a common traditional motif that is used especially in royal occasions such as enthronement, kalilang and weddings. Ask a Maranao kid raised in Lanao and he will readily recognize the Sarimanok image in their everyday life. While it has become ubiquitous because of the various interpretations and usage in the Philippines, Sarimanok to Maranaos is more than just a beautiful palette of different colors – it is their cultural symbol and cultural capital.

Description was written by: Sir Richard Celeste. :)

Our Mentors. :)

NOV 26 (Saturday)
Teams pitch their projects to see who comes out on top.
Our team spokesperson, Sir Richard. :)

We pitched our projects live on Facebook and were critiqued by 7 judges namely:
  1. Mikko Barranda of Acceler8
  2. Abe Olandres of
  3. Chairell Winston Almendras of Wyeth Philippines
  4. Annalyn Jusay Zoglmann of
  5. Jos Ortega of Havas Media Ortega
  6. Ellen Tordesillas of
  7. Maria Ressa of Rappler
Source: Rappler

I would like to thank my team, Project97 for an awesome experience I had. I will never forget you all. I'm actually having separation anxiety. Haha. :)

Also to City Garden Hotel Manila for our stay. It exceeded my expectations. 5/5 Pogi Points. :) Will definitely have a staycation, again. By the way, enjoyed their buffet. :)

View of Makati City from City Garden Hotel. :)


One Stop Shop: Korean Skin Care Products and Cosmetics

Hello South Pipz, especially those living in Cavite! :) I have found a place where you can find Korean skin care products and cosmetics. . . . Yeppunie! :)

2nd Floor, Robinson's Place Imus (Accross Daiso)

We all know that Koreans have one of most perfect looking skin. :) That's why, almost everyone tries to follow their skin care routine. I started my fascination in Korean products after being addicted to Korean dramas, and watching Korean vloggers. Haha. :) Most of the time, I am disappointed for there are products not available locally here in the Philippines. Last resort would be online shops, but it's 3x more expensive than the original price.

Luckily, this kiosk, Yeppunie offers assorted Korean products that are CHEAPER than outlets' price. If you are asking for authenticity, 100% ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC! :) The products are directly purchased in Korea by the owner. :) 

Skin care products

They also have skin care set! Yey! :)

 Korean cosmetics

Here are the products I bought:

1. 3W Clinic Auto Lipliner (Pink)

2. 3W Clinic Magic Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner (Gold)

They have an on-going promo:

50% off for the set of Co-enzyme Q10 Foam Cleansing, Bergamo Gold Ampule and Finger Cleansing Brush. Yey! I'm planning to purchase this. :)

What's better is that you could now order your favorite Korean products! Just hit them a message. :) I suggested them to bring Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder here in the Philippines. :)

PS: I would want to say Hi to Ate Sales Attendant! I was not able to get her name. Haha. She's so accommodating. Kudos!. :)


Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo Review: For men?

For the past months, I've been reading bloggers raving about dry shampoo. I honestly don't have any idea about this. I don't even know if men could benefit from this. But upon doing my research, I decided to give it a shot.

According to

Dry shampoos come in spray or powder form, and the best dry shampoos not only soak up oil, they clean hair, water-free, and leave you smelling fresh. Plus, for those of you who have the time to wash your hair every day (or just happen to be a little less tolerant of dirt), dry shampoos give your hair a volume boost.

Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo

Low on volume? Short on time? Meet the next big thing. A quick blast of Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo revitalizes dull  and lifeless hair without the need for water. Just a quick spray will transform your hair between washes into a clean, fresh-smelling style that's full of body and bounce in an instant.

How to use:

1. Shake can well before use and between sprays. Hold can 10-15 cm from hair.
2. Lift hair in sections and spray at the roots in short, quick burst.
3. Massage thorough with fingertips, like you would use a shampoo.
4. Brush and then style as usual. Repeat application if necessary.


1.This is pressurized can. Keep in cold place away from heat and sunlight. Do not expose to temperature exceeding 50C. 
2. Do not puncture and burn can even when empty. 
3. Do not spray near flame. 
4. Do not spray near eyes or face and on broken and irritated skin. 
5. Avoid inhalation.


Alcohol, Conditioning Agents, Starch Powders, Fragrance Oil and Hydrocarbon Propellant.

Where to buy:

Unfortunately, there are only few Physical stores which sell this product. You could try researching for the store near you. :) Don't get disappointed since there are good number of online stores which sell this. Price ranges from 200-250 Pesos (5-7 Dollars).

Mr. Pogi says:

As a person who is always on the go, I badly need this. I am outside the house from 5:30 A.M. up to 9 P.M or even up to 12 midnight sometimes. There are times I need to attend events for my blog or shoot for my media work. I face a lot of people everyday, from students to executives. I need to look presentable. I need to smell good. Dry shampoo helps to soak up hair oil leaving it with a decent scent. (The smell can be compared to a shampoo brand here in the Philippines. :) ) It's like you just come out from the bathroom. Fresh! :) No chalky residue, too! :)

For men out there, same with women, you all know that there are days we have bad hair day. With Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo, it gives hair volume making it easy to style. :)

I hope they make a smaller and compact one so it is easier to bring in bag. Also make a packaging for men, please. HAHA. :)  



SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest

It's officially Yuletide Season! Christmas events are coming. Weeee! :) What I always look forward to this season aside from gift giving and Noche Buena favorites, are media station Christmas IDs (believe it or not. HAHA.) and Christmas decors inside malls. :) Few days ago, I received an invitation to come to the Christmas launch of SM Southmall. Without hesitations, I said yes. :)

Christmas countdown. Christmas is near! :)

Christmas lanterns and balls hanging all around SM Southmall. :)

SM Southmall's First Christmas event tagged as, "The Tale of Winter Forest". The event features the unveiling of the mall's centerpiece with a play production by Stages and performances of Manila String Machine.

Hands down to the production team. The stage design is so elegant! :)
Manila String Machine serenading the audience. Love their rendition of pop songs. :)
The Tale of Winter Forest tells a story of two children getting lost in an enchanted forest, where the only way to find the right path is to give up everything. In the forest, they meet a wounded rabbit, a lost cardinal, and a hungry tiger. The children helped the animals, giving up their clothing and food for them. In return, the Winter Fairy appears and shows them the path home.

I honestly enjoyed the play. It is a reminder for us the joy of giving and helping. What a good way to start this year's Christmas season. :)
Aside from Christmas launch, SM Southmall has other holiday activities in store:

1. You may share your special Christmas wish with Santa Claus on November 13 & 27 and December 11 & 24. :)

2. Join the Yuletide cheer as SM Southmall will serenade you with your favorite Christmas carols on November 22, 23, 24 and 26. :)

3. The most awaited Shop 'til you drop at the Double Weekend Holiday Sale on November 19-20, 26-27. Yey! :)

4. Lastly, everyone has chance to win amazing prizes or a brand-new Chevrolet Traxx at the 12 Days of Christmas. :)

Other pocket events include the SM Cares campaign Bears of Joy, Lighted Tradition Parol-Making Contest, Smart Christmas Exhibit, and the Vivo Christmas Roadshow.

Photo op with SM Southmall executives and SM Cares beneficiaries. :)
Truly, SM Southmall satifies the wishes of its costumers. No matter the season, the occasion or the time of the year, SM Southmall welcomes the community with open arms. :)

SM Southmall
Alabang - Zapote Rd, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas, Metro Manila
Facebook Page: SM Southmall


Mr. Pogi Tips: Number 1

I have received a great news today. :) Mr. Pogi Tips ranked as the HIGHEST VOTED BLOG for the month of November at Blogs ng Pinoy. :)

Yey! :) It just means that I need to work harder. #pressured HAHA. Rest assured that next blog entries will be worth reading and worth sharing. I am more motivated and passionate to write reviews, tips for everyone. :)

Anyway, you may have your blogs registered at: Blogs ng Pinoy Registration Form

You may also vote your favorite blog/s at: Blogs of Fame :)

Blogs ng Pinoy
Register your blog site: Blogs ng Pinoy Registration Form
Facebook Page: Blogs ng Pinoy

gravatar First Blogger Affiliate Get-Together

What I look forward in blog events (aside from freebies. HAHA.) is that I get to know bloggers. I always have the chance to chit-chat with some. :) It keeps me more motivated to write articles. I also get some advice from them. :) If time permits, I make sure to grab every opportunity to cover an event. :) 

Recently, held their First Blogger Affiliate Get-Together. :) If you are an avid reader of my blog, I have written an entry about them before. Here's the link in case you want to know more about them: :) Have you read it? Sounds cool, right? :) So I got an invitation to attend their get-together. I don't have the idea of what this "get-together" means. What I know is that the event will be fun and learning. :)

Upon registration, I already got loot bags from their sponsors. :) Perks being a blogger. :)

 !"#$$%&
& '()*+(,-"
!" '%,./%,0
1233&. '...
&&7 "
 !"#$$%&
& '()*+(,-"
!" '%,./%,0
1233&. '...
&&7 "
The venue is baronial, spacious enough to cater 30 pax, perfect for a get-together. :)

Seated next to me was this lovely mother, Mommy Kay. :) We enjoyed each other's company. I have shared some experiences being a blogger, and she has shared some good stories as well. We're instant friends! :)

Selfie with Mommy Kay of :) Don't forget to visit her site. Hope to see you in the future! :)
I was not informed that the event would be similar to a team building. Haha. We first get to know each other by introducing ourselves. I was then one of the chosen guinea pigs to perform in front of fellow bloggers. Thank G. I was prepared to dance. :)

Me showing some dance moves. :)

We also had group activity. It unleashed the creativity and competitiveness of us since there's GC waiting for the winning group. HAHA. :)

Unfortunately, our team lose. Sad. Hihi. :)

Congratulations, winners! Enjoy your GC. :)

Of course there's a talk about their Affiliate program. If you are planning for your next trip, have your hotels booked only at  :)

Here are my new found blogger friends:

From left to right: Czarina, Me, Mommy Kay and Dane. :)

All in all, I did enjoy the event. It is a not an ordinary one, for it highlights us, bloggers too. We had time to mingle with each other. :) The buffet is indeed awesome. :)

These are some of the comments of fellow bloggers from the event:

"Merci Beaucoup to TravelBookPH Get Together. A day of journey full of fun, games, prizes, learning, warmth, and sumptuous feast. Cheers! Till the next journey!” – Ma. Victoria Cruz of

Yesterday was a milestone for me as a blogger. For twenty-two months, my introverted self was alone in "my blogging world". Finally, I found the courage to go out there and meet like-minded people (who turned out to be really nice, by the way). Thank you TravelBook Philippines and The Legend Villas and to all other sponsors for my first ever official blogger event!” – Katrina Singson of

"One of the most interactive and fun Bloggers Affiliate events I had attended. A simple forgetting other stuff in blogging and just enjoy the laughter and fun during the event. Everyone is accommodating. Looking forward for a more fun and exciting events, and to be part of TravelBook Blogger Getaways. Kudos to the Team!" – Leomy Sanchez of
Thanks for your time, bloggers. :)
I would want to thank the gorgeous and approachable ladies of :) You made the event special for us bloggers. Looking forward for more events like this. Yey! :)

Affiliate Site:
Be an Affiliate! Signing up is FREE! :)

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