Road to clear skin! Goodbye to Rejuvenating sets with Garden Lab PH’s Rosehip and Tamanu Oil

Long are the days of breakouts! Well, not thanks to rejuvenating sets, you all know how much I resent Rejuvenating sets and how ruinous it could be on the skin. Thus, Garden Lab PH took care of that issue and helped me achieve clear skin. For well over a year I’ve ditch the sets, and gradually made my way with using oils to help my skin. Although, I must say as a warning, don’t get too excited, but carefully assess your needs, your budget, the formulation, and most of all, your skin type before even trying oils in a frenzy!

As being known to be as a solid user of oils, one of you suggested this brand called Garden Lab Ph, and told me to give this brand a shot. You also recommended my all time favorite Rose hip oil to be combined with Tamanu oil. I too honestly never heard of this oil before, but when I looked into it, it’s actually a good oil to help with acne. 

And thanks to Garden Lab Ph, the majority of their products are packaged in a very informative way. Descriptions, directions, and the formulation as well as the type of oil they are made of, are clearly written in each bottle, not only that but what comes in handy is also the way in which the main use and function of the oil is put in front of the bottle.

Upon my research, Tamanu Oil has been widely used across the Polynesian region and some parts of Asia. It has properties that are anti inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, and is even known to have properties that will repair UV Skin damage. Just like Turmeric oil, which Garden Lab Ph has combined, seems a good combination to treat wound, scars, rashes, insect bites, and acne.

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How I usually do my oil skin care regimen is that I use one (1) drop of Rosehip oil and combine it with another (1) one drop of Tamanu oil with Turmeric Oil. And in well over months, it did wonder on my skin: cleared, healed, and calmed my acne breakouts. Since then oil for me has become a non-negotiable to my skin care regimen. I applaud Garden Lab Ph for providing decently priced cold-pressed oils for an oil lover like me. 

Yet of course, dealing with acne is not only dependent on oils and skin care alone, one must remember that it should be combined with living a healthy lifestyle, having a healthy diet, and caring for your skin and overall health by drinking vitamins and supplements.

Do check out Garden Lab’s PH and give it a go. Here are links to legitimate shops:

Garden Lab PH Rosehip Oil:
Garden Lab PH Tamanu Oil:

If you want to know more about my oil journey and tips on using oil in skin care, do watch my oil serye on my Youtube channel, see you there!

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