My Journey to Recovery: COVID -19 Vitamins/Vitamins against COVID - 19

After contracting COVID-19 last year, I had enough and made changes by religiously paying attention and listening to my doctor’s advice on how to take care of my immune system and keep it at its optimum so as to possibly prevent contracting the said virus a second time. Without a hint of a doubt, during times like this, it is of great importance that we take care of our health in order to protect not just ourselves, but also the people that we love. By doing so, small changes that we do for our health impacts the overall well-being of others and towards the greater good of society by helping to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Hence, I’d like to share vitamins that were prescribed to me when I had contracted COVID-19. I never really had known the importance of taking vitamin C not until I had been prescribed hahaha. Kidding aside, here is the list of vitamins that I took and still am currently taking along with the respective links on where you could get one. Although, it is still important to remember to always always consult your physician before taking any form of supplements or vitamins, this is just “my” personal list that may or may not be suitable for the general public.

1. Vitamin C

RANI C Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate (P400.00) - 

For vitamin C, RANI C Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate is my go for this is the only vitamin C that did not trigger my acidity. What I usually do is I take a capsule of RANI C twice a day so as to have a 1000 mg of vitamin C to keep my day going. Nevertheless, I have come to like this brand primarily because it does not aggravate my acidity. If you’re someone like me perhaps you’d be happy to try this one out.

2. Zinc

Puritan’s Pride Zinc 25 mg (P769.00) - 

GNC Zinc 50 mg (P650.00) - 

As you all know, puritan’s pride has been my go to after trying the effectiveness of their collagen supplement, this brand has truly gained my trust. I was advised by my doctor to take at least 50 mg of zinc a day. But if you are on a budget, GNC Zing that is already 50 mg might be the best option.

3. Vitamin D3

Puritan’s Pride Sunvite Vitamin D3 (P399.00) - 

Another important vitamin that you should not forget is Vitamin D. Yet again, I opted for Puritan’s pride for I am surely convinced of their products' effectiveness. But still it is safe and okay to opt for other affordable and suitable brands out there if you’d like. This is just my preferred brand. I take vitamin D once a day.

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4. Melatonin

Puritan’s Pride Melatonin 2.5 mg (P500.00) - 

Puritan’s Pride Sleep Complex Melatonin Gummies 3 mg (P499.00) - 

I know some of you might raise an eyebrow or disagree with me on this, but to be honest with you, melatonin helps a ton in easing my anxiety. If you are someone like me who already has breathing problems and easily anxious about the little things in life, just imagine the help it did to me when I contracted COVID-19. Melatonin helped calm me down and it helped me achieve a goodnight’s rest. I usually take this once or twice a day if needed or if I have trouble sleeping due to anxiety.

However, do also bear in mind to seek advice from your doctor before taking any kind or form of supplements, especially if you have any health related concerns.

5. Biogesic Paracetamol 500 mg 20 tablets (P85.00) - 

The most infamous of all! Biogesic Paracetamol has helped me a lot with high and intense fever when I got COVID-19. 

Virgin Coconut Oil The Herbalist of Asia (P195.00) - 

Believe it or not, 1 to 2 teaspoons of Virgin Coconut Oil a day helps a lot. When my family and I contracted the virus, we did not spare a day religiously taking VCO’s. For a lot of you out there who also got COVID-19, VCO is surely a non-negotiable. 

Lianhua Qingwen Capsules

Lianhua Qingwen Clearing Tea (P109.00) - 

And to ease coughing and also to prevent from the possibility of getting pneumonia, Lianhua capsules and or clearing tea was a life saver for my family and I when we had COVID-19. Although I sometimes prefer the tea version haha, nevertheless, I took both and had the tea version of Lianhua whenever I needed to.

What I take to keep me hydrated:

POCARI Sweat Ion Drink 500 ml (P43.00) - 

Gatorade Fierce Grapes 1.5 L (P95.00) - 

Yakult Probiotics 80 ml (P48.00 - P59.00) - 

Steam Inhaler/Facial Steamer AKA “Pang Suob” (P269.00 - P288.00) - 

Of course, steaming at night and or day made my breathing a lot easier when I had COVID-19. And this is the actual steamer that I used, it is very affordable and reliable. I also double this as a face steamer haha. 

Now that I’ve shared my anti covid-19 routine and list with you, I hope I have instilled the importance of taking care of your health and in boosting the immune system. We are almost at the end of the pandemic, let us do our part in taking care of ourselves as we take care of others and be more mindful of our health and lifestyle.

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Always stay safe mga kamukha!

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