Another one! Looking for an affordable medical grade LED Face mask for your startup business or an at home use? Or perhaps you might be tired of going to clinics or venturing into opening up a clinic of your own, well I may just have the solution for you, the Utopanda led face mask which came all the way from Europe and markets itself as an affordable medical grade LED face mask. But you might ask, what factors will UTOPANDA stand out in this very competitive skin care market industry?

What more could you ask for, Utopanda is a medical grade LED face mask that will save you extensive time from your regular visits from clinics that can now be done at the comfort of your own home. Bang for the buck right? Saves you time, fuel, energy and effort, a definite long term good investment. Not to mention, Utopanda is also a good investment if you are planning into opening a clinic of your own.

It also does not come short with the features that it offers. This Medical grade face mask has 1,200 LED lights that specializes in three kinds of lights to target your specified skin concerns, namely red, blue, and yellow light options.

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To put it to the test, I tried it for 3x a day for 2 weeks. If you want to know the results and how my journey with the product went, I did make a review of this on my vlog that will be linked below.

In the end, after trying this out for myself, this is certainly a good investment either for personal use, or for business. A sure yes from me!

If you’re planning on getting one, here are legitimate shops and their respective links:

Lazada Philippines