Glamcon MNL 2018

The Glamcon MNL community celebrates beauty made even better through the power of makeup. Makeup and beauty enthusiasts are all invited to attend the biggest beauty party of 2018, Glamcon MNL 2018 to be held at the SMX Convention Center Aura on January 21, 2018.


We all know that beauty is found within, but a little lipstick and a swipe of mascara never hurt anyone!

Despite the many advances of society, wearing makeup remain as something a person turns to when trying to hide their imperfections. Though this is a big part of the reason why people wear makeup, we must also remember that makeup is used to bring out our best assets!

Glamcon MNL believes that there is no shame in putting on makeup. It is an art and a form of expression of one’s creativity. Anyone rocking a sharp wing liner or a natural looking drunk blush is just as beautiful as their barefaced self.

Moreover, Glamcon MNL wants to remind every Filipina —and Filipino, that there are no rules in wearing makeup, so feel free to explore and experiment with colors, shapes, and contour shades.

It does not matter whether you prefer a no-makeup makeup look or a full on glam wear your look loud and proud!

The Makeup Lounge

Styluxe Salon and Paintbox Artistry have partnered with Glamcon MNL 2018 to give premium ticket holders a real treat: free hair and makeup makeover! Our premium makeup lounge is a haven of transformation for Queen and Diva ticket holders, Glamcon goers who want to look their best at Manila’s biggest beauty party!

The #GlamGala Stage

Aside from the opportunity to interact with the biggest and brightest stars of the beauty industry, Glamcon goers are in for a treat all thanks to the makeup gurus strut their stuff on the Glam Gala stage!

Learn about building your very own makeup kit from Ana Victorino in her Makeup 101 talk.

Jessica Godinez, together with Ciracle will be making sure that Glamcon goers know how to take good care of their skin during the Daily Skincare Routine segment. 

Raiza Contawi will be combining fashion and makeup as she teaches us how to use makeup to complement our clothes in the Color Wheel segment. 

Micah Munoz, Ronan Domingo, James Burn and a few more of our favorite boy friends, together with Cosrx, are going to lead the Men’s Skincare segment.


Morning Skincare Routine

Hello everyone! :) I am overwhelmed with your messages and friend requests on Facebook since the day my coffee post went viral. Facebook post link: 

I will be having a separate post on this. :) Thank you so much! :) Our community got bigger. :)

Most of the messages I received are asking about my morning skincare routine. I have published my nighttime routine, if you haven't read it yet, here's the link: Nighttime Routine Revealed. To answer those queries, I am now sharing it! :)

I have 3 steps in maintaining my skin flawless:

Cleanse -> Moisturize -> Treat


I make sure to start my routine with cleansing of face. This helps in removing the dirt and residue from the products I have used the night before.

1. Orange Peel & L- Glutathione

A specialty soap that combines the nourishing properties of Orange Peel Extract witht the whitening power of L-Glutathione. It deep cleanses, unclogs pores, calms acne prone skin, lightens dark spots, and brightens overall complexion.

I was a Kojic user. I had to give up after I discovered this no ordinary soap. I don't expect much whitening on this product. What I like most is that it lightens spots and marks on my skin. :)

About the peeling claim, I haven't noticed any. Maybe it's micro-peeling which is way better. :)

Take note that it STINGS on the first week of use. But the result is definitely worth the pain. :)

Price: 150 Pesos 
Available at Watsons nationwide. :) 

2. Dr. Kauffmann IR

Every time I see whiteheads on my face, I use Dr. Kauffmann after Orange peel. This skin-germ protection soap helps fights and prevents skin infections caused by germs.

It has Dimethyl Phenylbutanol that inhibits bacteria, and Sulfur that kills and inhibits growth of bacteria and promotes shedding off of rough, thickened skin caused by skin infections.


Netflix Addict + List of Movies I Had Watched

Holiday vacation is almost over! I am grateful that I am maximizing it with Netflix. :) Let me share how addicted I am to this application. :)

I actually have friends and been seeing celebrities who are hooked to this streaming media. Little did I know, I will be one of them. Hihi.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming service that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries and more on thousands of Internet-connected devices. With Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited viewing of our content without having to watch a single commercial. There's always something new to discover, and more TV shows and movies are added every month! (Source: Netflix site)


What's Inside My Bag?

Finally I will be sharing everything inside my go-to bag. :)

I will be honest with you guys. Hihi. I am a heavy packer when it comes to traveling or just going to mall. I am a person who enjoys bringing a lot of things inside my bag. :) I started decluttering weeks ago when I bought my new bag which has small compartments. If not for fashion and fo this bag, I won't change. HAHA.

So this is my messenger bag. :) I bought this at Salvatore Mann. Most of my bags are from them since I am fond of androgynous designs. :)

This bag is a transformer! It could also be a pouch bag. :)

For the charm, I bought this cutie Love Baby at Yoyoso Korea. :)

What's Inside My Bag?

This is not me! #soorganized HAHA.

1. Power bank

I used to carry my Miniso 7,500 mAh power bank. But since it couldn't fit inside my bag, I have to use this MSM-HK Power bank I bought from an electronics store at SM Manila. Sorry I forgot. HAHA. 

5,000 mAh
Good thing it has a built-in flashlight. :)

2. Cord

If you have power bank, you should also need cord. :)


Aromatherapy Oils and Room Sprays: Bath Origins Review

Does anyone have obsession with essential oils and room and linen sprays?

Well you're not alone. I keep buying these for my room. I hoard. HAHA. Scents keep me relaxed and remind me of a luxurious room in a hotel. So I always have a 5 star hotel stay feel inside our home. :)

Speaking of luxurious, we all know that its price is a no joke. That's why I have quest in discovering affordable yet have good quality products.

Bath Origins, a local brand from the Philippines, started by Rose Martin Manzano when she was pregnant with my fourth child in August, 1999 with the intention of making soaps to give as Christmas gifts. She created and experimented on an assortment of around 50 kinds of soaps. During that time it was a craze because no one was making these kinds of soaps and so everyone just had to have one. They use “cold kettle” process in making each bar. Only pure Olive, Palm, Coconut and Soy are used.

From humble beginnings of making soap in living room, the company has grown and now serves hundreds of customers all over the country.

I was actually shookt with the variety of sprays they offer. Aside from Aromatheraphy essential oils, they also have:

Room and Linen Sprays, Kitchen Odor Eaters and Bathroom Odor Eaters


SM Supermalls unwraps a Merry Christmas in 65 Malls Nationwide + Seeing my Former Lodi Workmate

For the 2nd year, I was again invited to cover a Christmas tree lighting of an SM mall. Yey! :) Here's my last year's article: SM Southmall presents The Tale of the Winter Forest.

A magical season awaits the whole family as SM Supermalls celebrates a Merry SM Christmas in 65 malls across the country. During SM Megamall’s launch of its Royal Holiday thematic last November 8, SM invited everyone to dazzling sights, joyful sounds, festive tastes, holiday finds, and Christmas feels in SM malls this Yuletide season.


Rohto Eye Drops: Philippine Celebrity Must Have?

Who would not want to see what's inside the bag of their favorite celebrity? I recently become a fan of Darla Sauler's bag raid of local Philippine celebrities on Youtube. Aside from being envy to their signature bags and stuff, I also get to know their personality better.

From the clips I've watched, almost 70% of celebrities have this small teardrop-shaped bottle. Even Darla herself is shookt (HAHA) about the popularity of what they call "Japanese eye drops". She did mention in one of the episodes that Kris Aquino is also using it. As a curious person and eye drops user, I look for the brand name online. :) Fortunately, I was able to find it! :)  ROHTO JAPANESE EYE DROPS! :)

Since I was influenced and convinced by celebrities, I did not attempt to read reviews. All I can remember is I was already in check out page of an online store. Hihi.

I was so excited to try it the time I received the parcel. I was looking for an English translation in the box and manual, but found none. 

Without hesitations, I tried 2 drops on each eye. Oh men!!!! It burnt my eyes!!!! I thought at that time, I won't be able to see the earth again. HAHAHAHA. :)


Zoobic Night Safari Experience: A Wild Night Out + GIVEAWAY!

Have you ever imagined wildlife at night? Wanna feel the excitement and enchantment from big cats to flying bats, and other animals in their natural habitat as the evening falls?

Media and bloggers were the first to experience the only Night Safari in the Philippines, Zoobic Night Safari! :)

We were welcomed with a sumptuous Filipino-Korean fusion dinner. :)

I love the interior! :)

Look how they transformed fluorescent light into a jungle inspired one.

If you are a Korean food lover, you will definitely love their version of samgyeopsal!

Cooking time! :)

Deli! :)

Oh I forgot to tell that they also offer special made sauces for the meat. Their kaldereta sauce is a must try! :)

Our brothers and sisters from the Aetas will be your waiters and waitresses. Cool! :) They are so approachable and friendly! :)