Perfect for STUDENTS and PROFESSIONALS: HomeRoom Co-Working and Study Lounge Review

Are you near or around EspaƱa and need a space to review for upcoming exams? Or is it already late night and impossible for you to go home? I have discovered a newly opened co-working space perfect for students and professionals!

3rd Floor, Dioresa Plaza Dapitan St. Sampaloc Manila

For just 88 Pesos, you may already enjoy their amenities for 1 1/2 hours. This includes:

1. Work desk

2. Access to pantry and dining area

3. Fiber wifi


Mr. Pogi Tips x Something in Between GIVEAWAY!!

Hi everyone! :) Summer is almost here. Mr. Pogi Tips together with Something in Between is having a GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! :)

Something in Between (SIB) is the brainchild of two high school bestfriends who seek to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams while having respective fulltime day jobs. It’s an online style hub that boasts about its high quality products with prices at an affordable range, as its tagline says “where quality and affordability meets”. Recently, SIB launched its Summer Line which features superior quality bikini tops and bottoms.


1. Like the Facebook Page of Mr. Pogi Tips
2. Like the Facebook Page of  Something in Between and follow them on Instagram @smthnginbtwnph
3. Like the Facebook Page of The Potluck Hub and follow them on Instagram @thepotluckhub
4. Share this post on Facebook, tag 3 friends and tell us what you love about Summer. Don't forget to use the hashtags #SIBgiveaway #ThePotluckHub #MrPogiTips
5. Two winners will be chosen. Giveaway ends on March 31, 2018, 9 PM.

**This giveaway is open to Philippine residents only**

Each winner will receive the following products:

1. A bikini top from Something in Between PH
2. Php 100 discount coupon from The Potluck Hub
3. Body Scrub from The Scrub Lab
4. Korean Organic Shampoo
5. Korean Face Mask

Note: Something in Between will be the one to facilitate everything, from the monitoring the entries to randomly generating the winners and shipping the products.

Interesting, isn't it? :) What are you waiting for? Join now and tag your friends! :)


LOL Cosmetics Favorites! SO AFFORDABLE!

LOL Cosmetics is an affordable and high quality cosmetics brand from Australia with over 200 stalls in the Philippines.

I have tried few of their products and these are my favorites! :) 

1. Foundation Stick (Natural Beige #01)
Price: 199 Pesos

I don't use this as foundation for the whole face, instead this is a good alternative for concealer. The light to medium coverage can hide imperfections and good for everyday use. It's light weight that you're like not wearing concealer at all. Recommendable to a humid weather and upcoming Summer! :)

BEST FOR: dry to normal skin type since it has dewy effect on skin. :)


PRODUCT FAILS: Products that DIDN'T Work for Me

Hi everyone! :) It took quite a lot of courage to publish this entry that you will be reading.

Let's admit, not at all times we encounter beauty products that are holy grail. Most of it, we face products that either didn't work or worsen our skin condition. Like any other people, I also encounter products that I regret buying. I always wanted to be honest with you, my readers. That's why for today's blog, I'll be sharing the first batch of products that didn't work for me. 

DISCLAIMER: I have tested these products for weeks to see actual results.


I have read a lot of good reviews about this skincare product. Last December of 2017, I tried and put it on a test.

I just discovered that I have sensitive skin when this product left my face with bumps and red patches after few days of using it. Since it is an exfoliant solution, I also had skin peeling on some parts of my face. These parts felt like I had sunburn. I also had breakouts. Some blogs are saying that this is just normal since the skin is in the purging stage. However, I had to stop 2 weeks after for it just worsen my skin condition. Sad to say, this is one of the most painful products I had used.


Cruising the High Seas in Effortless Indulgence

With the gentle swaying of the sea that seems to lullaby its passengers, a timely cruise can bring a much-needed calmness, even to the weariest of travellers. Just imagine, spending days at sea in complete solitude, staring at the vastness of the open ocean with nary a thought of one’s daily troubles. Days full of exciting possibilities with nowhere to be, no one to see, and best of all, no distractions - a complete cruise-cation to celebrate life. 

In the past decade, cruises have become one of the most popular ways to relax and see the beauty this world has to offer. With its unique destinations, cost-efficient rates, and state-of-the-art ships, it comes as no surprise that cruising continues to gain popularity, especially among Filipinos.

The majestic SuperStar Virgo will make Manila its homeport from March to May. The cruise ship offers travellers a visa-free way to visit cities in Taiwan and southern Japan.
This year, Star Cruises announced that its 269-meter cruise ship, SuperStar Virgo, will homeport again in Manila for the summer months from March to May. With absolutely no visa requirements, the 6-night SuperStar Virgo cruise offers two travel destination packages. The first package will start at the Manila port then a day will be spent on the high seas. The next two days will be dedicated to seeing Naha in Japan, and Keelung in Taiwan. The fifth day will be on the high seas again, and then the cruise will head back to Manila on the sixth day.

The second destination package starts at the Manila port followed by a day cruising the high seas on the way to Ishigaki, Japan, on the third day. The fourth day will be spent seeing the beauty of Keelung, Taiwan, then to the high seas on the fifth day, and then back to Manila on the sixth day.

Besides the great destinations, and interesting land tours, a lot of people miss out on the fact that the SuperStar Virgo is itself, a giant floating destination. Packed with entertainment facilities, exquisite dining outlets, and duty-free shopping, the cruise ship has just about anything one could ever need or want.


Celebrate Everything Furry at FurryPinas 2018

Do you know what a Furry is? Well, if you have seen movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Zootopia, The Lion King, shows such as My Little Pony, or anime such as Pokemon then you might have an idea. FurryPinas 2018, happening on May 19-20 at the SMX Convention Center, is a celebration of everything furry. The convention’s vision is to serve as the annual hub for furry or anthropomorphic media.

FurryPinas 2018 will be the first ever furry convention open to the public, after its first event in 2014. Holding the record as being the first furry convention in Southeast Asia, FurryPinas is the official and only furry convention in the Philippines. 

What is the Furry Hobby?

Furry is not only a fandom, but also a hobby. If you enjoy looking at personified animals in different forms of media be it movies, TV shows, anime, comics, etc., then you are part of the Furry hobby. Some examples of animal characters would include famous characters like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Woody Woodpecker, and many more.

Most of the communities involved in the Furry Hobby had been established long ago. Take for example Sylvanian Families, one of the most popular toys in the market which has existed since 1985. Made by the Japanese gaming company Epoch in 1985, Sylvanian Families is a collection of anthropomorphic animal figurines and model sets. Distributed around the world, they have become so popular that there is a growing community here in the Philippines, one that remains strong to this day.

Other communities such as a fanbase for Pokemon have been very lively since the countless adorable critters have been popping out not only in our gaming consoles, but also in our phones, in the form of Pokemon Go. It is not uncommon to see someone throwing virtual Pokeballs at a virtual Pokemon while walking.

Why would you attend FurryPinas 2018?

It is one of the most unique conventions happening this 2018. If you will be attending, then you are among the first to experience this one of a kind event. Despite being such a unique event, the tickets are also affordable with the basic entry level ticket costing at Php 115 inclusive of a lanyard and a con ID badge (early bird).

If you are an artist, designer, cosplayer, a fan of movies, shows, toys, and other content featuring anthro or humanized animals then you would not want to miss this. This event will bring you various
activities and features which you will surely love!

What happens at FurryPinas 2018? 

FurryPinas 2018 brings two huge guests in the Furry Hobby. First is Pocari Roo, an Australian furry fan and full-time YouTuber with over 100 videos on her channel and over 50,000 subscribers. She is primarily known for her Youtube channel where she does vlogs, music videos, how-tos, Q&As, and more, with a family friendly rating and a primary focus on being positive, entertaining, and helpful. 

Bapogichi is also guesting at FurryPinas 2018. A fan of the furry hobby with over 40,000 followers, Bapogichi is a popular illustrator known for his various fanart of anime, webcomics, cartoons, and video games. Bapogichi is one of the moderators of the popular Buhay Kolehiyo that features personified versions of different universities in the Philippines. 


Toner Alternative: Purederm Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes Review

I always remind my readers not to sleep without washing or cleaning face for it is one of the reasons for breakouts. For those of you who religiously do nighttime routine, how sure are you that your face is clean and no residue from products you've used are left?

For years, I believed that my face is always clean before I sleep. Not until when I discovered that there are still dirt left on my face.

I came across this brand when they had their 50% off promotion at Watsons stores. I am hesitant at first, thinking that this would just be a waste of money since I already have my facial cleansers and toners. For the sake of blogging, I gave it a shot.

There are 4 available options: Q-10, Vitamin, Collagen and Argan Oil. I purchased Q-10 and Vitamin for they are the only ones on sale.


Purederm Q-10 make-up remover cleansing towelettes are gently and effectively remove eye-liner, shadow, lipstick, blush and even waterproof mascara without skin irritation. These ultra-soft towelettes provide a complex blend of Coenzyme Q-10, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Aloe Vera to gently cleanse, tone and resurface skin texture. Use daily, our advanced pre-moistened formula works in seconds to leave you feeling smooth, fresh and moisturized-anytime, anywhere!

It claims to:

1. Gently cleanse, tone and remove make-up.
2. Skin revitalizing formula enriched with Coenzyme Q-10 and Vitamin E.
3. Ideal for all skin-types.
4. Paraben free.

How to use:

1. Slowly lift the front seal and pull out towelettes as needed.

2. Gently stroke the towelettes over eyelids, lashes, face and lips to sweep away make-up.
3. Make sure to reseal the pack after each use. Dispose of towelettes in trash receptacle (do not flush).


Purederm Q-10 make-up remover cleansing towelettes are gently and effectively remove eye-liner, shadow, lipstick, blush and even waterproof mascara without skin irritation. These ultra-soft towelettes provide a complex blend of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Green Tea and Aloe Vera to gently cleanse, tone and resurface skin texture. Use daily, our advanced pre-moistened formula works in seconds to leave you feeling smooth, fresh and moisturized-anytime, anywhere!

It claims to:

1. Gently cleanse, tone and remove make-up.
2. Diminish the signs of aging with vitamin A & E.
3. Ideal for all skin-types.
4. Paraben free.


Perfume Hack: Room and Linen Sprays as Body Perfume?

Hi everyone! I'm excited to share a hack which happened to be an accidental discovery. Hihi. :)

DISCLAIMER: As I have said on my previous post, I never share my current scent. I read an article saying that never tell anyone the perfume brand you are wearing and leave him/her the mystery of discovering it. So my apologies if I won't be sharing. Hihi. :) 

I have obsession with perfumes. :) In my first few months as a blogger, I have posted my scent favorites. 4 years after, I'm still a perfume lover, but the variety of scents I am falling with changed. :) From a citrus scent which we Filipinos love, I am gradually converting my scent into earth/wood ones.

Aside from perfumes, I am also addicted to room and linen sprays, and essential oils. It relaxes me and I love how it gives my room a hotel feel.   

In my quest of looking for a good perfume, I've fell inlove with this particular sweet wood scent. I'm almost purchasing it when I have found out that this is a ROOM SPRAY. HAHA. I got depressed and tried to look for alternatives with same scent.

I first went to L'occitane and tried to look for their Lavende cologne. The attendant said it's out of stock because of the demand when Kris Aquino mentioned it on her vlog. She's really a great endorser. :) By the way, I love the smell of Cedrat and Cade. Though these are not the scent I am looking for that time. :)