Hunch no more with Anlan Smart Posture Corrector

Tired of hunching but yet keep on forgetting to maintain your posture? Worry no more with a little less than a thousand pesos you can now finally avail a smart posture corrector that surely will not make you forget, and remind you to straighten up that hunchback of yours! Haha. :)

Personally, I myself also struggle with keeping my posture straight at all times. Being an educator, part-time vlogger, and blogger, there is a lot of instances that require me to be in front of the computer for long hours, either to edit a vlog or blog, or perhaps do paperwork, lessons, conduct online classes, and attend to the concerns of my students, I often forget about my posture and concentrate in doing my job and what’s required of my at that particular moment. And worse, even if I’m not working I too tend to neglect my posture. Hence, when I got the chance and learned about this product when I reviewed Anlan V-face lifting machine, I immediately did not slip the opportunity away and tried it for myself.

The box comes with the product itself, a user manual, and a usb cable for charging. The box is very minimalistic with detailed information at the back. Regarding the product itself, it sure doesn’t look cheap I’ll tell you that! With less than a thousand pesos (P559.00)  I’ll definitely say that you will not regret your purchase. It actually looks sturdy and built with high quality materials from the sensor to the straps, a sure bang for the buck. 

For the specification, Anlan Smart Posture Corrector is built with an intelligent sensor and vibration reminder that will incessantly and unrelentingly remind you by vibrating constantly until you keep that back of yours straight. And not only will it remind you. But will also count the number of times you’ve been slouching, which comes in handy for keeping track of yourself and being able to assess effectively how you’ll be able to make changes to improve your posture, perhaps try and set a goal of lessening the number of your slouches in a day. Definitely a handy feature. 

To put it to the test, I tried Anlan Smart Posture Corrector for a month. I put it on for 2 hours a day whenever I’m working on something. And I must say, it didn’t give me any feelings of discomfort, it simply reminded me and counted the times that I slouched or when my posture was not great. It’s flexible, light, and the battery life reaches up to a week or so. 

If you’d ask me if it’s a yes for me, I’d say, it’s a definite yes for me. It’s a great product that will help you to maintain your posture! 

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