A Skin Care for Filipino Youths: An Honest Review on Careline's Skin Hero Set

 Back at it again with another honest review! 

This time it might surprise you to hear that Careline, which is known to be one of the most well known cosmetic companies in the country,  has finally started to invest in skin care products releasing several products and sets that are well suited for every young Filipina and Filipino in mind. Perhaps let’s put their newly launched Skin Care hero set to the test whether, if truly it is as they claim to be, “better than basic.”

The Skin Hero Set comes in four products beginning with the Captain Cleanser, followed by the Power toner, Super Serum, and then finally the Wonder Moisturizer that are powered by active ingredients such as their AHA, BHA, and PHA cleanser and toner that is followed through by their Niacinamide serum and moisturizer, skin hero set is designed to fight acne, maintain elasticity of the skin as well as brighten, and smoothen uneven skin tone. But, what’s wonderful about this is that it comes at an affordable starting price of P395.00, and can be purchased in department stores such as Watsons and also online through Lazada and Shopee.

It is indeed a very promising set that contains products that are aimed and targeted on young Filipinas and Filipinos that are new to skin care. However it could have been better if they also added a sunscreen in the set in order to fully not just maintain and repair the skin, but also add protection for the skin. 

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And to put this set to the test, I personally tried using the Skin Care Hero set from Careline as my regular skin care regimen for a couple of weeks, hoping that perhaps this might help with my recent breakout right after trying a different product. And to my demise, it didn’t help in clearing up my acne, but instead aggravated some parts of my face. However, this does not mean that it might not work for your skin, but I highly suspect that my face just can’t tolerate niacinamide.

In the end, this is just my personal review and test of Careline’s Skin Hero set. We all have different skin types reactions to what we put into our skin and our lifestyle and perhaps this set might work for you, since in all honesty, the formulation and reputation of the company is highly trustworthy and respected. 

If you want to give it a try, here are shopee links that you might want to checkout and visit:

Do also visit my vlog to learn more about AHA, BHA, PHA, and Niacinamide along with the detailed story of my experience. :)

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