Waterproof Black Shoes: Easysoft Review

Monsoon season is in full swing! Office employees like me know the struggle of taking care of black shoes in this kind of weather. Most of the time, I have to bring extra slippers just to make sure my leather shoes won't be soaked in rain- HASSLE! :)

Luckily, being curious and adventurous in trying products, I have discovered this brand that claims to have a "waterproof" black shoes.

Easysoft by World Balance

Easy Soft is a division of World Balance that specializes in mould-injected footwear. Made with VICRO-tech material, Easy Soft are made to be durable, water-proof, flexible, and shock-absorbing.

Mr. Pogi says

I had my first pair last year (2017), and I can't believe it has already been a year. :) Here are the things I like about the shoes:

DURABLE- I usually need to replace my shoes after 6 months because of wear-and-tear due to daily use. I also had an experience where I had to buy another pair a month after the purchase because the leather cracked and peeled off; WASTE OF MONEY! This is the first time that a pair of mine lasted for more than a year. :) Since it is also made with rubber or VICRO-tech material, the look never gets old. :) It is easy to maintain that a cloth could already make my shoes clean.

My first pair: still looks new. :)

TIP: Use a tire black instead of shoe polisher since your shoes is made of rubber not leather. :)  

WATERPROOF- I have tested my Easysoft pair for a couple of times during rainy and dry seasons and all I can say is HANDS DOWN! I had times where I had to soaked the shoes in a gutter deep flood in Kalaw, and my shoes are still fine. :) No need to worry about the smell because you can wash the pair with soap. Hihi. :)

FLEXIBLE- One of the problems I always encounter with black shoes is that the leather creases. I hate to see wrinkles on shoes especially when you just bought it. True to their words, Easysoft shoes are flexible. I haven't experienced folds in my shoes due to use or even if I put these inside my bag- LOW MAINTENANCE! :)

AFFORDABLE- For 399.75 up to 599.75 Pesos, this is definitely the cheapest yet has the best quality available in the market. :)

I am happy that World Balance is able to produce a concept of making rubber shoes as substitute to black shoes. I never imagined taking care of shoes would be this easy. :) I am now enjoying the comfort, being stylish and durability Easysoft delivers. It is definitely worth my money! :)

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