Terranova's Final Cut Sale: What are the Items I Bought?

Terranova PH is having their Final Cut Sale! :)

And when you say sale, deals are up to 70% off! :)

It has always been a routine for me each year to wait for Terranova to have their Final Cut Sale. It's just because I can get quality items for not more than 500 Pesos! :) This year, I never expected they will be having it in August since they usually hold it every January or February.

What are the things I bought?

1. Jacket

There are only 2 items I would want to buy in Terranova: jacket and pants. I have tested the quality of these for years and I could attest, these worth the money. As much as I would want to purchase pants, I can't find my size that is slim fit. Too bad. I'm still happy though that I was able to find a jacket perfect not just for our weather, but also for traveling abroad! :)

2. Bag

I was also able to get a bag! :)

Look how sleek the design is. :) I bought this since I know I can use this for everyday and for formal occasions. :)

There you have it! :) There are a lot more good items to choose from but as I am practicing minimalist life (DON'T JUDGE I'M TRYING. LOL.), I only purchased the things I know I needed. :)

You can still have the chance to buy, head to Terranova store near you. :)

Lazada Philippines