For Sensitive Skin? Watsons Men 5 Blade Razor Review

Men know the dilemma of shaving and trimming mustache. It's not just a struggle for one has to do it few times a week, but it can also nick and cut skin; always my problem! (Though I am quite fortunate not to have much growing hair on and upper lip and chin.) :) I could say, finding perfect razor and shaving cream would always be a quest for gentlemen!

Watsons Men 5 Blade Razor

5-blade Razor provides a comfortable and super smooth shave. With trimmer blade for hard to shave areas such as goatees, sideburns, under nose and back of neck. It has Vitamin E and Aloe Vera lubricating strip that reduce skin irritation.

Trimmer Blade Usage

Hold razor 90 degrees angle to skin and shave in downward motion. Activate the moisturizing strip by rinsing with water.


Wash after each shave and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Mr. Pogi Tips says

I was hesitant to try this at first since it is just 149 Pesos. It is a price that I'm not sure if it could be a steal or a miss. For reference, I only use a razor I purchased at Watsons for 70 Pesos for 3 pieces. :) I also got an electric razor bought from abroad (P1,000+), but due to laziness to charge it before using, I seldom use it. Hihi. What made me decide to buy this Watsons 5-blade Razor is when I discovered its cartridge is replaceable and it comes with 2 (1 free) inside! :)   

To change cartridge, push button forward to release cartridge.

 It has a free case where you can store the razor and cartridges. :)

It is shocking that the razor is quite heavy. You know that the materials used are not cheap.:) 

Performance? DEFINITELY ONE OF THE BEST! :) Contrary to what I mentioned about the razor being heavy, it feels lightweight when it touches skin. I felt like I was not shaving at all. HAHA. It is good for sensitive skin like me because I never had cuts the first time I tried it. By the way, I'm not using any shaving cream, just my favorite serum. :) It is also easy to clean since it has a flow-thru blades. :) It indeed exceeded my expectations! :)

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