BEST and CHEAPEST Lip and Cheek Tint for Men?! :)

As a person who has fair complexion, it is a necessity for me to put lip and cheek tint before leaving the house. Without doing it, I look pale or a vampire from Twilight Saga. It is always a quest for me to find good shades that would fit my skin color, leaving a natural glow.

For today's article, let's unravel the said BEST Lip and Cheek Tint for Men.

Bobbie Cosmetics Tete-a-tint Lip and Cheek Tint #01

I came across Bobbie Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tint when I was watching a Youtube video. This newbie Youtuber was praising this product and how his neighbor noticed the changes of his skin. Because I was amazed and mesmerized by his story, I hurriedly availed one. Hihi. :)


1. Gives lips and cheeks a hint of a tint.

2. Long-lasting and easy to blend stain that delivers a veil of color to cheek and lips.

Directions for Use

1. Wear it under your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. Wear under high beam on cheeks for a healthy, dewy, glow.

2. Apply three dots on the apple of your cheeks and blend quickly with fingertips. Apply on lips and blend.

Mr. Pogi says

As I mentioned in my previous blog entries, if you want to have a natural looking finish (especially men), it is always best to choose from orange or pink shade. And if you think it's an easy task; you're wrong. It would still require blending skills and talents in discovering perfect pigmentation for your skin tone.

Selfie without anything on face. Look how pale I am.

The first time I tried Bobbie Cosmetics Tete-a-Tint, I followed the directions for use as what's stated in the packaging. I applied three dots on lips and cheeks, then blend.

Three dots on lips

After blending

W-O-W! I could say that it is really the best natural looking tint I've tried, so far. It differs from others because of the color payoff it leaves. The stain is not too pigmented that would overwhelm one's face. It just gives a healthy looking color on lips and cheeks. 

Let's have a comparison of it and my former favorite tint:

Left: Bobbie Cosmetics Tete-a-tint
Right: Former favorite brand
First impression: I like that Bobbie Cosmetics has an applicator so you can control the dispense of the product.

Left: Bobbie Cosmetics Tete-a-tint
Right: Former favorite brand

Imagine how just a small amount of my former favorite could leave stain on my face. While on the other hand, Bobbie Cosmetics leaves a perfect pinkish stain on skin.

I bought and tried numerous shades from different brands, nothing could compare to how amazing this brand is. I would always want to achieve the No Make-up Make-up Look and Bobbie Cosmetics is making it possible. It is also long lasting for it could last up to 5 hours without retouching. If you want a more pigmented tint on lips and cheeks, it's BUILDABLE. Just apply few more layers depending on your preference.

I know all of you are now thinking of its price. As high-end as it may seem, this lip and cheek tint is just 85 Pesos! :) This is honestly the cheapest yet the most perfect tint I've tried. :)

With its price and quality, Bobbie Cosmetics Tete-a-tint deserves a 5/5 Pogi Points! This is an addition to my Holy Grail list. :) 

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