Welcoming 2022 with Aishi's Beauty Glow Complex & Beauty White Complex: A Sure Cost-Efficient path to Glowing Skin!

How time flies fast! February is just right around the corner, and I’m back again to give you recommendations and suggestions on what product to take to achieve the glowing skin that you might want as you turn over a new leaf this 2022. And what better product to start with other than the great combo of Aishi’s beauty glow complex collagen and Aishi’s white beauty glutathione supplements. Partnered together, these two are amazing duos!

But before anything else, let us try to examine the strengths of each product and see them under the light of NBF - Need, Budget, and Form. Not to mention, both of these supplements are FDA approved.

Aishi’s Beauty Glow Complex

This collagen supplement drink from Aishi comes in an ornately colored packaging of green with lustres of silver along with an upfront detailed label of its active ingredients. And speaking of active ingredients, there are three (3) active ingredients to this supplement namely 50,000 mg premium japanese hydrolyzed type I and III dense peptide collagen, 1000 mg hyaluronic acid, and 100 mg of Coq10. For the price of P650.00, which also goes on sale for as low as P399.00 on Shopee, a bottle of this makes 25 servings, and is surely a good bargain!

Aishi’s Beauty Glow Complex will approximately give you 2,000 mg of collagen per serving. Which is considerably a high amount of collagen compared to other brands that may charge you more. This is worth the try if you are looking for an anti-ageing product that will help with lessening the development of fine lines and wrinkles. In short, this collagen supplement is effective and affordable!

Aishi’s Beauty White Complex

On the one hand, Aishi’s Beauty white complex is a glutathione supplement that is packed with four (4) active ingredients which are 200 mg of free form glutathione, 200 mg of premium collagen peptide, 50 mg of sodium ascorbate, and 50 mg of dried apple cider vinegar which is also found to be a great ingredient for weight loss. Recommended to be taken twice a day, and originally priced at P499.00 (P329.00 on shopee), 400 mg of free form glutathione a day may be a decent amount to maintain your already glowing skin, although there are other products out there if you are looking for a higher amount of free form glutathione. This might not give you a sudden glow, but it is capable of maintaining and in gradually improving an already healthy skin.

But all in all, my experience with Aishi’s beauty white complex is fair and surprising, I did not feel any bloating and it did not break me out. If you are just starting off with glutathione supplements or perhaps might be looking for a supplement for maintenance, I highly recommend Aishi’s Beauty White Complex.

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Final thoughts

On the whole, both of Aishi’s supplements are a love for me! Taken together works incredibly! I personally tried taking Aishi’s beauty white complex in the morning after breakfast, and Aishi’s beauty glow collagen before going to bed at night. And I can most assuredly say, it did not give me any unwanted side effects, and made my skin glow. Sila na lang yata may forever LOL! Hahaha.

Do visit my channel and watch my full review of Aishi’s beauty glow complex and Aishi’s beauty white complex for a detailed review and full explanation of my experience with it. 

If you want to give both products a try, here are shopee links that you might want to check:

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