My Journey to Recovery: COVID -19 Vitamins/Vitamins against COVID - 19

After contracting COVID-19 last year, I had enough and made changes by religiously paying attention and listening to my doctor’s advice on how to take care of my immune system and keep it at its optimum so as to possibly prevent contracting the said virus a second time. Without a hint of a doubt, during times like this, it is of great importance that we take care of our health in order to protect not just ourselves, but also the people that we love. By doing so, small changes that we do for our health impacts the overall well-being of others and towards the greater good of society by helping to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

Hence, I’d like to share vitamins that were prescribed to me when I had contracted COVID-19. I never really had known the importance of taking vitamin C not until I had been prescribed hahaha. Kidding aside, here is the list of vitamins that I took and still am currently taking along with the respective links on where you could get one. Although, it is still important to remember to always always consult your physician before taking any form of supplements or vitamins, this is just “my” personal list that may or may not be suitable for the general public.

1. Vitamin C

RANI C Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate (P400.00) - 

For vitamin C, RANI C Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate is my go for this is the only vitamin C that did not trigger my acidity. What I usually do is I take a capsule of RANI C twice a day so as to have a 1000 mg of vitamin C to keep my day going. Nevertheless, I have come to like this brand primarily because it does not aggravate my acidity. If you’re someone like me perhaps you’d be happy to try this one out.

2. Zinc

Puritan’s Pride Zinc 25 mg (P769.00) - 

GNC Zinc 50 mg (P650.00) - 

As you all know, puritan’s pride has been my go to after trying the effectiveness of their collagen supplement, this brand has truly gained my trust. I was advised by my doctor to take at least 50 mg of zinc a day. But if you are on a budget, GNC Zing that is already 50 mg might be the best option.

3. Vitamin D3

Puritan’s Pride Sunvite Vitamin D3 (P399.00) - 

Another important vitamin that you should not forget is Vitamin D. Yet again, I opted for Puritan’s pride for I am surely convinced of their products' effectiveness. But still it is safe and okay to opt for other affordable and suitable brands out there if you’d like. This is just my preferred brand. I take vitamin D once a day.

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Luminously winning! Sure White with Luminous White Glutathione

We have another contender that might be up for grabs this year! Thanks to all your support and recommendations, I finally found another product that not only is similar to our Kamukha’s choice last year, but also compares equally with most of my favorites. This well requested whitening supplement is none other than Luminous White Glutathione! An FDA free form glutathione that is rightly formulated to brighten your skin complexion. Because of your recommendations I did not even spare a second and grabbed a hold of this product to try one for myself and share my honest review about it. 

Core Strengths and Active Ingredients

Right off the bat, the packaging of this product clearly states upfront all the necessary details to guide you about the product’s formulation, and recommendation. It’s nothing fancy out of the box. But examining closely, the formulation I think is where Luminous White Glutathione shines the most. Per capsule you’ll be getting 1,000 mg of the six (6) active ingredients that this product have, namely:

  • L- glutamic acid - 200 mg

  • Glycine - 200 mg

  • L- cysteine - 200 mg

  • Nac (N-Acetyl Cysteine) - 200 mg

  • Vitamin C - 100 mg

  • Alpha lipoic acid - 100 mg

All of which claims to work together potently to help with skin brightening, and will work as a  powerful antioxidant. If you’d ask me, I think it’s pretty clever that they decided to make this product as a free form glutathione, it is, as other articles suggest, more effective and potent as compared with other forms of glutathione supplement. 


Most important of all, you should never forget these three (3) letter words that you should always be asking yourself - Need, Budget, and Form. If you are looking for a need to better improve your skin complexion and also skin texture, this I think is worth the try. For an original price of P795.00 that usually goes on sale for P695.00 on shopee, you’ll be getting 60 capsules worth of supplements. It’s honestly not that bad for the price, there are other brands that might charge you for more with as little glutathione content as compared to Luminous White’s.

As for the formulation, I think you wouldn’t think twice in not wanting to try this out, Luminous White Glutathione is a free form glutathione that is also formulated with a booster L-glutathione. And with a price that is less than P1,000.00, I don't think you wouldn’t want to miss out and give this a shot.

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Oh My Bleach! K Beauté Bleaching Whipped Scrub is not Your Ordinary Exfoliator

My oh my, K Beaté Bleaching Whipped Scrub has toppled tik tok and other social media platforms! Truly a lot of social media influencers are raving about this product, and I myself is as surprised as they are. Ever since I even started making reviews of skin care products, I already am an avid user of scrubs despite the backlash of comments and reviews that physical exfoliators have received from some dermatologists. Up to this day, I still continue to exfoliate and use scrubs in moderation and do it whenever I feel like I want to pamper myself. Just always bear in mind not to overdo it and it will surely make your skin glow.

First Impressions

But what truly captivated me in using K Beaté Bleaching Whipped Soap are the words “bleaching” and “whipped.” Interestingly enough, it also claims that it can be used as an exfoliator for the face. So I did, I bought myself one and was immediately surprised by the high amount of product in a single tub! For as low as P250.00 you’ll be getting a 250 g worth of product that surely a bang for the buck!

Going back with “bleaching” and “whipped,” the product has a cream like texture that lathers as rubbed gently on the skin. In all honesty, the product doesn't feel as abrasive as other scrubs that I tried before, it is gentle and lathers when rubbed. Whereas for the “bleaching” part, it did make my skin glow after trying it out for 2 weeks. Although sparingly, I bravely tried it on my face and noticed that it provided me with the results that it claims to give. It brightened my skin after trying it out 5 times for 2 weeks. 

A little word of advice, remember to always do a patch test before trying out any skin care products. Do not hesitate to discontinue if any form of skin irritation appears. Do not also neglect putting on a moisturizer or lotion after exfoliating. It can be a little too drying sometimes.

Active Ingredients Another area that sold me into trying this out is the active ingredients that this product has. This bleaching scrub contains Niacinamide, Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Alpha Arbutin, and Titanium Dioxide. Which all in all works to protect, brighten, and even out skin complexion along with reducing unwanted dark spots. 

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Welcoming 2022 with Aishi's Beauty Glow Complex & Beauty White Complex: A Sure Cost-Efficient path to Glowing Skin!

How time flies fast! February is just right around the corner, and I’m back again to give you recommendations and suggestions on what product to take to achieve the glowing skin that you might want as you turn over a new leaf this 2022. And what better product to start with other than the great combo of Aishi’s beauty glow complex collagen and Aishi’s white beauty glutathione supplements. Partnered together, these two are amazing duos!

But before anything else, let us try to examine the strengths of each product and see them under the light of NBF - Need, Budget, and Form. Not to mention, both of these supplements are FDA approved.

Aishi’s Beauty Glow Complex

This collagen supplement drink from Aishi comes in an ornately colored packaging of green with lustres of silver along with an upfront detailed label of its active ingredients. And speaking of active ingredients, there are three (3) active ingredients to this supplement namely 50,000 mg premium japanese hydrolyzed type I and III dense peptide collagen, 1000 mg hyaluronic acid, and 100 mg of Coq10. For the price of P650.00, which also goes on sale for as low as P399.00 on Shopee, a bottle of this makes 25 servings, and is surely a good bargain!

Aishi’s Beauty Glow Complex will approximately give you 2,000 mg of collagen per serving. Which is considerably a high amount of collagen compared to other brands that may charge you more. This is worth the try if you are looking for an anti-ageing product that will help with lessening the development of fine lines and wrinkles. In short, this collagen supplement is effective and affordable!

Aishi’s Beauty White Complex

On the one hand, Aishi’s Beauty white complex is a glutathione supplement that is packed with four (4) active ingredients which are 200 mg of free form glutathione, 200 mg of premium collagen peptide, 50 mg of sodium ascorbate, and 50 mg of dried apple cider vinegar which is also found to be a great ingredient for weight loss. Recommended to be taken twice a day, and originally priced at P499.00 (P329.00 on shopee), 400 mg of free form glutathione a day may be a decent amount to maintain your already glowing skin, although there are other products out there if you are looking for a higher amount of free form glutathione. This might not give you a sudden glow, but it is capable of maintaining and in gradually improving an already healthy skin.

But all in all, my experience with Aishi’s beauty white complex is fair and surprising, I did not feel any bloating and it did not break me out. If you are just starting off with glutathione supplements or perhaps might be looking for a supplement for maintenance, I highly recommend Aishi’s Beauty White Complex.

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Part 2 of the 2021's Annual Kamukha's Choice Awards for Best Collagen Brands

Back at it again, yet this time it’s time for the Collagen Brands to be put into the limelight after our part 1 of Kamukha’s Choice Awards for the best Glutathione Brands of 2021. We'll now proceed in acknowledging the best and top performers of Collagen Brands that we have tried this previous year of 2021. But before anything else, I’d like to emphasize and repeat that all this would not have been possible if it weren’t for your support, help, and recommendations/suggestions mga Kamukha! I owe everything to you all! Thank you for all the never ending support and for making this possible. 

Same as from the first part, the selection process for brands included on this Kamukha’s Choice Awards for Collagen brands has been based on (3) criteria namely:

1) Products that work effectively;  

2) has given little or completely no side-effects and lastly,  

3) if the product is worth every penny.

As promised, here is the list for the Annual Kamukha’s Choice Awards for best Collagen Brands arranged in no particular order, along with each of their respective special awards:

Puritan’s Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen (Cheapest yet effective collagen brand)

For only P1,000.00 or less, this type I and III collagen supplement contains 1000mg of collagen for 180 caplets! And not to mention, Puritan’s Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen is also available at your nearest watsons drugstore. Surely this product screams to be the “Cheapest yet effective collagen brand.” Although I prefer to buy this on shopee, just wait a little while, it’s always on sale in shopee haha. 

SKJN Collagen

As also part of the most requested collagen product, for P1,199.00 SKJN Collagen has 120,000 mg of collagen peptides that is fitted into these innovative compact microtablets. Not to mention, SKJN also goes on sale on shopee that will surely give you a good bargain! Nevertheless, this collagen brand never fails to amaze not just me, but also a lot of you mga kamukha who kept on continually recommending SKJN Collagen. 

Wellspring Collagen Gummies Strawberry Flavor (Most Collagen Brand after sir lawrence’s review)

Without a hint of any doubt, Wellspring science’s Collagen Gummies sold like hot cakes after my review. This collagen is a sure great product to start with if you’re new to taking collagen supplements. I most definitely like the taste of these gummies, for P950.00 a bottle of this has 60 gummies that is recommended to be taken twice a day. If you are just starting or new to collagen supplements, Wellspring Collagen Gummies is what I recommend. It’s hassle free and it tastes good. 

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2021 Kamukha's Choice Awards for Best Glutathione Brands!

Now that we’re entering this New Year of 2022, I wanted to end the previous year by making a tribute to you mga Kamukha and be able to showcase the best brands that are worthy to be put on the limelight and be acknowledged for their best performance, growth, and improvement throughout the whole year. Of course, all this wouldn’t have been possible without you mga Kamukha! Your support, presence, and most of all, recommendations and suggestions have made all this possible. I am eternally grateful for your support and will continually do my best to give you honest to heart reviews this 2022.

So much so with the sentimental introduction haha, let us now proceed with the major event - The Best Glutathione Brands this 2021! I also included several other special awards so as to keep it more juicy and fun. Each product on the list was based on two major criterias, namely effectiveness of the product in terms of fulfilling what it promises to give, and budget, to know whether it's worth every penny. 

Hence, here is my list of Kamukha’s Choice awards for Best Glutathione Brands of 2021:


Coming in at No.1 is Kansai Glutathione! Besides from your recommendations, I have also personally come to like this product. For just P995.00, a capsule of Kansai is packed with 1000 mg of free form glutathione that will surely help your skin glow like it has never been before. I do believe that I am not the only one raving about this product, Kansai has done an incredible job! 


At no. 2, Gluta Melony 7 in 1 comes in place. This is by far the most affordable and most effective of all the glutathione supplements that I have personally tried! Without a doubt this product is worth every penny. For only P200.00, you’ll be getting 30 capsules of this Gluta melony that has 7 active ingredients such as L-Glutathione, and Vitamin C, and of course, the Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Melon Extract, a natural antioxidant that helps with aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

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Sure Pride with Puritan's Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen! A Collagen Supplement that's worth every Penny

Ever wanted to look young, fresh, and ready to conquer this new year of 2022? I sure have the most sought after and most “worth it” product to recommend - Puritan’s Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen. Believe it or not, I too was taken by surprise when I accidentally stumbled upon this at Watsons drugstore by accident while going about my day while running errands. Lucky enough, I even got it for almost half the price at shoppee 12.12! Worth the wait, but is still actually the most affordable collagen supplement out there that is FDA approved as of the current moment.

Notably, Puritan’s Pride Hydrolyzed Collagen markets itself as a collagen supplement that helps with aging, fine lines, and wrinkles by improving the skin’s elasticity, plumpness, and texture. This is made possible because they explicitly state that the 4 main active ingredients per caplet contains a whopping 1000mg of Hydrolyzed Collagen, along with Vitamin C ascorbate; Sodium, L-Ornithine HCl, that is recommended to be taken 4 times a day with an empty stomach. For 180 caplets priced at P1,029.00, I surely believe that this by far, and as to my current knowledge, is not only affordable, but is also worth every penny. Not to mention promo discounts such as on shopee!

Need, Budget, and Form

But most important of all is that you should always be asking and reminding yourself of these three important things - Need, Budget, and Form. If you are looking for a supplement that will lighten your skin tone, perhaps this might not be for you. As the name suggests, this is a collagen supplement after all. 

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Affordable glow up from Ms. Jinkee Pacquiao? Jinkee Skin Age Control Face and Body Soap Review!

Looking for an affordable soap that gently cares for your skin? Do check this one out, Jinkee Skin Age Control Face and Body Soap! This definitely caught me by surprise. As far as I know, most products that often come from celebrities are somewhat on the pricier side of the market, costing mostly around P300.00 and above. Though there are some that are affordable, this soap caught my attention because it's affordable, and it fits right along my alley in soaps that I truly like.

Besides the affordability, another selling point of this product is the formulation. The soap is made from a combination of two ingredients namely beta glucan and hydrolyzed collagen that mainly helps with improving the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and overall health, but also helps in maintaining the skin’s natural glow. In short, it is kind of like collagen soap. Hence why this product caught my attention. Not to mention, a 70g bar of soap costs only around P75.00. 

Testing it out, I personally admire the simplicity of the packaging as well as the free net that it comes with, which I find to be a very wise and a convenient way to store a soap as compared to traditionally leaving it sitting on a soap dish. Even more, the net could also be used as a body scrub! Haha, but regarding the soap, it easily lathers like a foam once wet. Once on the skin, a little lather of soap will do since a little goes a long way. Though, you may want to use a moisturizer afterwards, it might be a little too drying for individuals who have dry skin types. But, considering the price and good formulation, not to mention that it is FDA approved, what more could you ask for? 

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