Oh My Bleach! K Beauté Bleaching Whipped Scrub is not Your Ordinary Exfoliator

My oh my, K Beaté Bleaching Whipped Scrub has toppled tik tok and other social media platforms! Truly a lot of social media influencers are raving about this product, and I myself is as surprised as they are. Ever since I even started making reviews of skin care products, I already am an avid user of scrubs despite the backlash of comments and reviews that physical exfoliators have received from some dermatologists. Up to this day, I still continue to exfoliate and use scrubs in moderation and do it whenever I feel like I want to pamper myself. Just always bear in mind not to overdo it and it will surely make your skin glow.

First Impressions

But what truly captivated me in using K Beaté Bleaching Whipped Soap are the words “bleaching” and “whipped.” Interestingly enough, it also claims that it can be used as an exfoliator for the face. So I did, I bought myself one and was immediately surprised by the high amount of product in a single tub! For as low as P250.00 you’ll be getting a 250 g worth of product that surely a bang for the buck!

Going back with “bleaching” and “whipped,” the product has a cream like texture that lathers as rubbed gently on the skin. In all honesty, the product doesn't feel as abrasive as other scrubs that I tried before, it is gentle and lathers when rubbed. Whereas for the “bleaching” part, it did make my skin glow after trying it out for 2 weeks. Although sparingly, I bravely tried it on my face and noticed that it provided me with the results that it claims to give. It brightened my skin after trying it out 5 times for 2 weeks. 

A little word of advice, remember to always do a patch test before trying out any skin care products. Do not hesitate to discontinue if any form of skin irritation appears. Do not also neglect putting on a moisturizer or lotion after exfoliating. It can be a little too drying sometimes.

Active Ingredients Another area that sold me into trying this out is the active ingredients that this product has. This bleaching scrub contains Niacinamide, Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Alpha Arbutin, and Titanium Dioxide. Which all in all works to protect, brighten, and even out skin complexion along with reducing unwanted dark spots. 

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Final Thoughts

My experience in using K Beaté Bleaching Whipped Scrub is superb! This product is a love for me. For as low as P250.00 and or less, this exfoliator is my new go to in exfoliating my body and face. Though it may not instantly provide a brightening effect on the skin, when used sparingly and consistently, you’ll be amazed. It is a product that exfoliates, brightens, and does as it claims to be. 

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