About Time: Dewycel making its way to the Philippines

It’s about time! There’s a new kid on the block and Dewycel finally arrived at the shores of the Philippine islands. :) You might think that this Korean brand may be a little bit late to the game in this competitive multimillion K-beauty industry in the country, but the question is, will it be able to compete with your all time favorite skin care brand? Well, I am hoping that this review might help you in choosing the right decision for your skin and cosmetic needs.

Skin and cosmetic needs? Yes you heard me right! Dewycel is a Korean Skin care company that puts not only in making you feel beautiful on makeup, but also puts into careful consideration the effects that it leaves on your skin in the long run. If you’re looking for cosmetic products that also take good care of your skin, perhaps this could be a perfect option. Sun protection, Vitamin C, and other ingredients that might be safe with sensitive, acne prone, oily to dry and combinational skin types, are all what this brand is trying to achieve. Luckily, I was able to try firsthand the samples of Dewycel’s products, and to test for myself the pros and cons that go along in using it. 

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You may be new to this brand, but in Korea it is one of the most widely used and well-known brands that may commonly be seen in Korean Drug stores namely, Olive young, Lohbs and in Korean Duty free stores such as Shilla, Lotte, and Shinsegea. With already an established reputation from its original country, why not give it a shot? And if you want to know more about my experience with Dewycel, I highly encourage you to watch my full review.

These are two of my most favorite items from Dewycel and the respective legitimate Shopee links on where to get them:



Lazada Philippines