25 Pesos For Deo? GT Active Fresh Deodorant Review

As a person who stays outside our house for more than 10 hours a day, I need a deodorant that could keep my smell good all-day. :) There are deos I'd tried that smell good upon smelling, but didn't have chemistry to my body's smell after application. For almost years now, I am loyal to my one and only deo. Ok. Fine. I cheat sometimes and try other brands. HAHA. :) This month, I have found a good alternative to my all time favorite. :)


GT Men Active Fresh Deodorant is one of the first products of GTCosmetics specific for Men. It contains Tea Tree Extract that is known for its anti-bacterial properties and helps aid against ailments such as rashes and skin infections. It has a fresh and clean feeling, great for active men.

Apply 4 to 6 wipes per underarm everyday. Do not apply to sore or damaged skin.

I so love the scent! :) It reminds me of a popular deo here in the Philippines. It is not sticky when applied. The product could stay for the entire day! :)

This is also compact. Perfect for those who love to travel. :) No need to buy sachets, which I hate specially when it spills inside my bag. (Is it just me or have you also experienced that?) HAHA.

Most of all, it is just 25 Pesos! Yes. You have read it right. 25 Pesos for a good product that could last for weeks or even a month. :)

Where can you buy their products?

-Selected watsons stores
-Robinsons store
-Mercury Drugs
-Gaisano malls
-Metro Malls

Lazada Philippines