Jiahe Nose Up and Face Stretch Massage Roller Review

What's happening to me?? Nope I'm not megatron. I'm just trying my new discoveries and will review these for you. :)

Product to be reviewed: Jiahe Nose Up
Price: 30-100 Pesos/ 1-3$
Where to buy: Online shop, Divisoria?? HAHA. :)
Where did I buy: Online Shop
For: Nose Lift

The Box:

I want to share what's written at the back. :)

Click the picture to see clearly. Can you understand? :)

Pogi Points:

1. Cheaper than nose lift procedure. LOL. :)

2. Has rubbers for not to hurt and leave marks on nose. So don't compare it to an ordinary clip. :)


1. I can't breathe after a few minutes of wearing this! :)

2. It hurts. 

3. It leaves marks on the sides of the nose.

4. It seems not working on my nose. Well, I'm not expecting from the start. HAHA. :)


I will give Jiahe Nose Up a POGI POINTS OF 2/5 

Mr. Pogi says:

Yes it's cheap. But it seems not working on me. I've read that you can't change the bridge of your nose that easily. I gave it time to work on me but. . . .after 3 minutes on my nose, it just hurts. ALWAYS. I don't have luck on this.

Let's move on to my favorite!! :)

Product to be reviewed: Face Stretch Massage Roller
Price: 30-100 Pesos/1-3$
Where to buy: Online Shop, Divisoria?? HAHA. :)
Where did I buy: Online Shop
For: Massage Roller


Looks like a China made product. :) But very informative. I just don't know if those are true. :)

Know what face stretch massage roller does!! :)


Warning (From the packaging):

1. Please wash the massage roller completely and keep it clean after use.

2. The persons as follows are not allowed to use this machine: the person with weak skin, the person with acne, eczema and hypersensitivity.

3. Don't overexert as massaging. It will stave the skin if you overexert.

4. Don't use it out of its purpose, and make sure the children cannot touch it.

Pogi Points:

1. Cheap. :)

2. A good massage roller. I can fall asleep by using this. :)

3. Cute design. :) My brother thought it was a stetoscope. LOL. :)

4. Many colors to choose from. But I haven't had the chance to choose. :)


1. There's an "Eeek sound" every time I use this. Annoying!

2. Nothing more. :)


I will give Face Stretch Massage Roller a POGI POINTS OF 4/5 

Mr. Pogi says:

Actually it's not my first time to use this. I have tried one before and enjoyed it a lot. :) So I bought mine. :) It relaxes my face, neck and head. Benefits would just be additional. My brother and mother want this too. :) I am recommending this to everyone. :)


baka ito na ung ksagotan sa ilong kong naapakan. :-D

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