Tony Moly's AC Lab BB Cream

Actually, it wasn't on my plan to buy a BB Cream but I was persuaded by the Sales Assistant to get one. I love the swatch on my skin. She said that they only have last stock at that day, I was still undecided and thought I was just compulsive. I got trauma since Tony Moly and Etude take a long period of time before they have their stocks back. So the following day, I hurriedly rushed to the nearest Tony Moly Botique. Fortunately, they have stocks! :)

I was given a Membership Card as well. Though I was expecting a mask or a sample product. Haha. I am a regular customer of Tony Moly but it was my first time to get their card. I was told that only boutique customers can have the privilege for membership and too bad SM Bacoor is only a stall. Anyway, this membership card promises to give the owner 15% discount every month (this is not confirmed yet. :) ) You have to register online for the activation of the card.
I like how minimalist their card is. :)

Product to be reviewed: Tony Moly's AC Lab BB Cream
Price: 598 Pesos for 35 ml
Where to buy: Tony Moly Boutique
Where did I buy: Tony Moly Boutique (Market Market)
For: Face

I really like their packaging; so classy and perfect for men's kit. :)

As usual, texts are written in Korean. I can't read. :)

According to my research (, this BB cream does:

1. Provide skin thin natural moisture giving feather light fresh skin.

2. Velvet smoothing method cover curves giving soft baby skin feature.

3. Multi-lightening barrier effectively separate light giving clear skin tone.

4. No mineral oil, no SLES, petrolatum-free, Benzophenone free, non-tar dye, non-Alkaline Benzoate, non-PABA, non-triethanolamine, urea-free imidazolidinyl.

5. Has SPF 30**

The cream is composed of:

zinc oxide, feeding the fire the roots extract, phyto oligo, sage, centella asiatica urban extract, sprouted buds complex, bilberry 

        Here's a swatch on skin.
                                                                                                        When applied

Pogi Points:

1. This BB Cream defines what MATTE means. This is my first time to have a BB Cream that is so matte. It's perfect for people who have combination and oily skin.  Always remember to put moisturizer first for the cream to last long. :)


Perfect for taking pictures with flash. :)

Here's a swatch on my skin.

Here's a picture with flash. Too happy there's no white cast! :)

3. Men can carry this in their bag and bring it anywhere. It looks like a skin care product.

4. It gives a smooth and radiant finish.

5. It evens my skin tone. Actually, I can associate this with CC Cream except it does not intended for skin repair or what.


1. It's too matte that it dries fast so you need to blend it from the moment you apply it.

2. There is one available shade but I guess it will fit everyone.

Other than that, I'm happy with it. :)

I will give Tony Moly's AC Lab BB Cream an AWESOME POGI POINTS of 5/5 

Mr. Pogi says:

If you are aiming for a "no make up look", this will best fit you. I so love how matte it gives and how it brightens my face.

It's now one of my favorites! :)

Picture of me with students! :) Summer is coming. Yey! :)

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