This is just a quick post for today. :)

Since I launched this blog, I received invites for events and tons of inquiries from netizens especially men, which I believe my main readers.

I am honest that I seldom post entries this year for I am busy with my commitments. But. . . .readers' comments and messages are keeping the flame burning inside me telling not to stop with what I started. 

This morning, while I'm in school, I received this message and it just made my whole day. I can't help but to post it.

I cropped the message because the next paragraphs are personal questions already.

To Ral, kindly check your email. Thank you! :)

For my readers and future readers, I'll do my best to keep you all posted!

I'm just delighted that this blog is really living up to its purpose. :)


I like reading your reviews too. I hope you could find the heart to get back in blogging.


Hi Teri! Yes, I am back. :) Was able to browse your blog too. :)

Lazada Philippines