The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 Review

This is just a short blog entry about my new love. . . . Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15! :)

I thought this will just be like other brands available locally. I was wrong. This is now my favorite balm among others that I have tried. :)

Why? It moisturizes my lips THROUGHOUT THE DAY. I don't have to retouch, even though I eat. Yes. :) It doesn't just moisturize my lips, but also soften. This is why I have kissable lips nowadays. Haha. :)

Importantly, it doesn't make the condition of my chapped lips worse. This is the main problem why I dislike most of the lip balms I had used. I know if a balm is a fail right from the first application. Usually, the balm will be mixed with my saliva and chapped lips skin. I hate it so much! I hate every time I keep on removing the "mixed chapped skin" then applying the balm all over again. This is why I have only few favorite balms. One is Tony Moly's Magic Lipt Tint (Click here to read my review), and additional to that is this Body Shop lip balm! :)

PS: For men who are hesitant to use lip balms, you don't have to. :) In cold countries, it is really a necessity to put on some, otherwise they will have chappy lips. It will not lessen your masculinity. :)

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