Skin Potions Review

"You are poreless. How to achieve that kind of skin?" These are the common lines I hear when I encounter people. They keep bombarding me with questions about the brand of my soap, what lotion I use and what is my skin care routine. I feel overwhelmed, yes. But it's funny that sometimes they ask these questions in the middle of serious conversation. HAHA. That's one of the reasons why I blog. :) I want to help people achieve poreless skin. :) I am gifted with flawless skin, but hey. There are still times I have breakouts. There are moments that I can't conceal blemishes. As of this time, I am still in quest of finding good products for my skin. :)

That's why every time I find a good one , I always get excited to share it to my readers. :)

Today, I'll be giving a review about my newly found Holy Grail. I am currently loving their products so much to the extent that I share it to my family. :)

Skin Potions is a Filipino owned brand which uses organic ingredients for their products. They are actually popular among bloggers. :)

Yes. I know guys. Their packaging is feminine. Girls are their market. Who cares? As long as we men benefit from the products, it's good. Real men use pink. Haha.

1.) Tomato Juice Serum

Product Description: 
An organic serum that can shrink pores, lightens skin, reduce oiliness. Makes skin glowing and pinkish.
Active ingredients: 
Lycopene, Tomato Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C
Directions for Use: 
Day and Night: After cleansing, apply ample amount of Tomato Juice Serum all over the face. Leave it overnight or whole day.

I so wanted to try serum before. I've been looking for a good serum in the market, but always fail. It's either I don't like the consistency or because of the price.

A serum is a skin care product that has a gel or light lotion consistency and has a higher concentration of performance ingredients meant for use under a moisturizer or treatment mask.- Reneerouleau

I have combination skin. My T-zone area is occasionally oily while the rest of the face is normal. I don't want oil-type serum or any face products with oil, for it produces more oil on skin. I always look for water or gel type. :)

My first impression for Skin Potion's Tomato Serum was it smells good, comparable to a dried tomato candy. :) The consistency is also good, gel-type serum. What's even nicer is the price. It's just 280 pesos. Serum from known brands range from 800 Pesos to 4,000 Pesos. :)

I've been using this for weeks now:

Every morning: After toner
Every night: After toner

What can I say? MAGIC! :) Why? It controls my oil for long hours. If I apply this in the morning (6 AM), top with powder, oil will build up at around 10-11 AM. Not bad right? :) I just have to use oil sheet and I'm fine. :) Before, I have to use oil sheet and put powder every 2 hours.

I also notice that my pores shrinks after a week of using it. Yey! :) I am now achieving poreless look, literally without using BB cream or powder. :) No joke. :)

I look vampire in person. HAHA. I have pale skin. :) The product doesn't give me pinkish skin, but it provides me glow. :)

I told you. There's magic in this tube. :)

I will give this serum an AWESOME POGI POINTS of 5/5  :)

2. Snow Berry Sleeping Cream Mask

Product Description:

A unique product that targets dark spot, pimples, freckles, dark areas, pimple marks, pimple scars, stretchmarks, sun spots, uneven skin tone, insect bites. Smoothens skin, lightens underarm, bikini area and brightens dull skin tone. Acts as make up primer as well. It could be a pore filler and pore minimizer. Geared with SPF 45 for your daily sunblock protection plus a bonus of mattifying and instant whitening effect. With a yummy scent of Strawberry and Milk! 


Apply ample amount onto your skin. Spread evenly. Apply once to twice a day. 

Active Ingredients:

Snail enzyme filtrate, Aloe Barbadensis, Tomato Extract, Rice Bran Oil, Lemon Peel Extract

I admit that I won't be interested in this product if their Serum didn't do wonder on my skin. :) I've read on other blogs that this is best used after applying serum. :)

Same with Serum, the scent is so da*n good. :) The yogurt consistency is tempting me. Haha. :)

I only apply this every night since it gives white cast. :) Also, our skin needs some rest to breathe. I only need serum in the morning. :)

After weeks of using this:

Every night: After applying serum

I've noticed that it smoothens my skin. :) This complements the serum well. I believe that it helps in giving my skin glow. :) No more breakouts for me. :)

I will give this sleeping pack an AWESOME POGI POINTS of 5/5  :)

3. Lip Candy (Baby Aurora)

As I always say, I am very particular when it comes to lip balm. My favorites are Tony Moly Lip Tint and Body Shop Vitamin E lip care. I was hesitant to try Skin Potion's lip balm at first, for it has tint. :) But the sales attendant promised me that it gives natural pink-ish finish. 

Here are the swatches of the product when applied:

1 layer

2 layers

4 layers

Tip: Just apply one layer for men out there. :) If you exceed 1 layer, the color looks unnatural. You'll have more kissable lips than your girlfriend. HAHA. :)

Upper Picture: Without lip balm
Lower Picture: 1 layer of Skin Potion's Lip Balm

See how it makes my lips pinkish? No more vampire look. :) What I love most about this lip balm is it's WATER PROOF! :) I usually apply one to two layers on lips. At the end of the day, after eating 2 meals and snacks, the tint is still there. Wow! :)

The downside of this will be the color is noticeable when used by men.

#UltimateTip will be: Apply 2-4 layers of the balm. Wash your lips with cold water 5 minutes after the application. The effect would be natural. :)

I hope they make a lip balm without tint and has a matte-finish. Is it possible? HAHA. :)

I will give this lip balm a POGI POINTS of 4.5/5 ✓. :)

Mr. Pogi says:

As we age, we need to be careful of the products we apply on skin. Not all products we use are safe for us. It's better to check the ingredients as well. I'm glad that Skin Potions offers not just organic but definitely effective and affordable products. It's good that I find this proudly Filipino made skin care line. :)

Will I repurchase their products? ABSOLUTELY YES! Will try their other products as well. :)

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