Nighttime Routine: Revealed

Hello everyone! Today I'll be sharing my most perfect combination of nighttime beauty routine. :) I am doing this religiously for 2 months. It helps me achieve my poreless and flawless looking skin. :)

UltimateNighttimeTip: Whatever happens, don't sleep without washing your face! Dirt and oil could give you breakouts. :)


1. Kojie San

Believe me or not, I am a fan of Kojie San. I have already tried a lot of good American and Korean facial wash brands, but this is one of the most cheap yet effective. It could dry up your pimples easily. I love how it cleanses face, especially if you wore make-up. :) I'm not sure with the whitening effect though. :)

#TIP: Let the product stay for 2 minutes before washing face with cold water. Why cold? It helps minimizing pores. :)

2. Toner

After washing my face, I make sure to use toner. For those who don't know what toner is, this basically helps in reducing oiliness and removes blackheads. Just put few drops on cotton and dab on face.

I am using my all time favorite, Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Toner. I have already consumed approximately 10 bottles of this. :) Read my review here:

3. Serum

A serum is a skin care product that has a gel or light lotion consistency and has a higher concentration of performance ingredients meant for use under a moisturizer or treatment mask.- Reneerouleau

I just recently dedicated a blog post of how I like my Serum from Skin Potions. Been using this for months and still never fails to amaze me. :) I haven't had my supposedly "monthly" facial treatment yet, since the discovery of this product. :)

4. Sleeping Mask

This is my favorite part of my nighttime routine, SLEEPING CREAM MASK! :) I just love the strawberry scent it leaves on skin. It also does wonder on my face by making it soft and fresh every time I wake up in the morning.

Mr. Pogi says:

I believe that less is more. The less products you apply on face, the more these will be absorbed effectively by your skin. Don't be afraid to mix and match your nighttime products until you find your perfect skin care routine. :)

Don't hesitate to share your nighttime regimen on the comment box below. :)


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