Wensha Spa Imus Review

I always look forward to my "me time" each month. :) I make sure that I have pamper time for myself. I am a workaholic person. I have 1 full-time and 2 part-time work. Therefore, I allot a day where in I de-stress and disconnect from my responsibilities and social media. :)

Today, I tried Wensha Spa Imus, Cavite. :)

Wensha is a Wellness and Spa Center which offers different packages for one's needs. The common spa package includes massage, free access to the steam sauna as well as the Jacuzzi, and the highlight, buffet. :)

Wensha Spa Imus Branch

I know we are all familiar with Wensha Pasay, Antipolo and Timog Branch. But just last August of 2016, Wensha craze went all the way to Cavite. :)   

The location is strategic, just along the highway and commercial buildings. :) You can easily find them using our ultimate travel buddy, Waze. They are just beside Yellowcab Imus. :)


These are the rates for their massage:

1. Body or Foot Massage for 559 Pesos 
2. Hot Stone and Body Massage for 999 Pesos
3. Ventosa and Body Massage for 899 Pesos
4. Body Scrub and Body Massage (no rate indicated)
5. Hot Stone/Body or Foot Massage for 1,500 Pesos (2 hours)

All these include free use of their shower, steam bath and buffet. :) I availed their Body Massage for 559 Pesos. :)


I was alone during my stay so I was lucky to get a chance to have these photos taken. :)

The shower room is quite small since there are only three enclosures. I decided not to try their shower since I just took bath hours before going to spa. 

At the right side of shower room is this place. I don't know if this is also a shower room or what. But there are chairs that you could sit on. :)


The sauna room is at the left side of the shower room. It is also quite small and could accommodate approximately 10 people.

TIP: It is best for you to stay not more than 10 minutes inside sauna, especially if this is your first. Take a cool shower after. :) Don't forget to keep hydrated by drinking one to two glasses of water. :)


I didn't expect much from their massage since it is just included in the package. But hey, I was wrong. IT IS MY BEST MASSAGE EVER! 5/5! :) The massage was a surprise. I could compare it to watching a movie that I am excited for what will happen next. It is the massage that I always wanted. The therapist knows my pressure points and how to deal with these. I was planning to visit a chiropractor for my neck pain, but my therapist gave it all. I had cracks and felt great. Hands down. Promise! :)


Entrance to their buffet area

I've read negative comments for the buffet. Oh common people! You are just paying 559 Pesos. Haha. :) 

Wensha Spa amazes me with their buffet. They have variety of food to choose from. They have plain and java rice, chicken, squid, vegetables, fruits, salad bar, coffee, tea and iced tea. :)  

They just lack the shabu-shabu which I know Wensha Pasay patrons crave for. :)

What I love most is their big screen. I almost stayed here for an hour and enjoyed watching a movie. :)

2 floors for their buffet area with big screen! They also have live band during weekends! :)

Play Area

Wensha Spa Imus has a play area where you can leave your kids for just 70 Pesos per hour. Don't worry, for there will be attendants playing with your kids. :)

Mr. Pogi says:

For 559 Pesos, I will definitely be giving Wensha Spa Imus 5/5 Pogi Points. Why? Indeed money well spent. In other spas that I have tried, 559 Pesos is just the fee for their massage. I don't even get a good one. 

In terms of their staff, they are all professionals. :) They are accommodating and always wear smile. At one point, I thought my phone was missing. All of them help me find it, not knowing it was just inside my bag. HAHA.

Wensha Spa Imus will now be my standard when it comes to massage. :)

Will I come back? 1000% Y-E-S! :)

Wensha Spa Imus
Address: Millennium Commercial Center, Aguinaldo Highway, Brgy. Palico 3, Imus, Cavite

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