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Hi! :)

Today I'll be sharing you my recent top favorites, which also happen to be a H-A-U-L! :)

FS Cosmetics

FS Cosmetics is a Philippine makeup brand that had its beginnings in November 2003.

The brand is owned by Mr. Edmon Ngo, the scion of a pioneer in the Philippine cosmetic industry, who launched his own company, Cosmetics Revelation Corporation, that honors integrity and excellence and that draws from the solid experience of his parents’ company.

I first heard of this brand from my former classmates who are make up fanatics. I first tried their two way cake and fell inlove with it. In fact, I still haven't found a better local product than this. :)

Two-way Cake

Acording to, Two Way Cakes, also known as Wet/Dry Powder Foundations in the West, are similar to pressed powders, come in a compact and are the most versatile. They can be used wet and dry as a foundation or for touch-ups. Applying them wet tend to give heavier coverage while applying them dry will give a sheerer effect.

MY FAVORITE!! :) I've been using this product for 4 years. Would you believe that? :)

What I love about this product:

1. Matte finish.

2. No make-up look finish. We all know that I don't like a foundation or cosmetic that would like I'm wearing one. 

3. Doesn't give whitecast.

4. Full coverage. Say hello to poreless skin! Bye blemishes! :)

Look how pigmented it is! :)
5. Unlike other cosmetics, this product doesn't easily remove from face. It actually sets while you perspire. I could compare the look to "baked look" after blotting. :)

6. A refill could last up to 3 months of everyday use. Not bad. :)

7. Affordable! Other bloggers say that it is a Mac dupe. :) Can't compare, for I haven't tried Mac yet. Nonetheless, it is affordable. :)

TIP: You may just opt to buy a refill, 100 pesos off than with compact case. :)

BB Cream

An all-in-1 cosmetic breakthrough that has the properties of foundation, to give your face a seamless coverage; Concealer, to flawlessly cover your blemishes; Moisturizer, to keep your face from dryness; and UV Protection, to protect your skin against harmful rays from the sun.

I am a BB Cream lover, so I have good standards when it comes to trying out BB. This is my take on FS BB Cream:

1. Love the smell! Reminds me of a dish washing liquid. Floral scent! :)

2. Affordable! :)

3. Compact tube. :)

4. Medium coverage. It blends well on skin. It did cover my blemishes.

5. They have variety of shades to choose from. :)

6. It stays on skin for 4-6 hours. :)

What I don't like about the product:

1. The tube sometimes generously dispense a lot of cream. Haha.

2. It turns cakey after few hours, specially on my cheek. I need to apply primer or my favorite Skin Potions Tomato Serum before this product. This is best for those who are oily. :)

Sea Sponge

Eco-friendly natural make-up sponge that's unbelievably soft on your skin. Just soak the sponge in clean water until it softens. Squeeze out excess liquid and it's ready for use with your favoirte face foundation.

Sea sponge is hygienic and can be re-used multiple times as it allows cosmetic stains to be easily cleaned and washed off by water. Keep dry after use.

It is my first time to hear a sea sponge. It doesn't look good for me, I am trypophobic. I hate seeing holes. HAHA.

First impressions:

1. The texture when dry could be compared to loofah, but it softens don't worry. :)

2. The size doubles as you soak in water.

3. Perfect applicator for their BB Cream and Two-way cake. :)

4. The skin is smoother using sea sponge compared with finger.

5. Cosmetics stains are easily removed by water. :)

6. Affordable. :)

7. Will add this to my routine. :)

Mr. Pogi Tips says:

I am a "buy our own" advocate. :) I always make time to look and try local products. FS has mastered products dedicated to Filipino skin. Why would we be a fanatic of foreign brands if we have same or better here? :)

Will I buy to them again? 4 years of being a loyal customer can testify to that. :)

FS Cosmetics

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