Bench Fix Professional: Dry Shampoo Review

Hi! I'm currently obsessed with dry shampoo. :) I had panic when my favorite, Hair Fairy isn't available for weeks in Physical store near me. For those who want to read my review for it, visit: Hair Fairy Dry Shampoo Review: For men?. As a person who can't sleep without getting what I want, I look for alternatives. :) Upon research, I was quite amazed that there are already number of stores offering this, including popular ones. :)

Bench Fix Professional
Shampoo & Dash
Dry Shampoo
Price: 175 Pesos (3-4 Dollars)

Bench has established its name in the clothing industry. Now, they are also venturing into makeup and skin care products. :)


1. Absorbs excess oil and removes odor.

2. Boosts volume.

3. Provides matte texture.

4. Easy to rinse off.

5. Ideal for all hair types.

Directions for use

1. Shake well before use. Spray evenly on roots and massage as you work into ends. Brush out as desired.
2. Use to refresh and revive lifeless hair in between washes with its sweet and refreshing scent. 


Propane, Ethyl Alcohol, Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate, Fragrance, Magnessium Stearate

Pogi Points

1. One of the cheapest dry shampoos available in the market. Considering it is 100 ml. :)

2. Available everywhere. No need to worry every time you consume a can.  

3. Matte. It is a perfect combination for my wax. :)

4. Removes hair odor. :) I tried not washing my hair for a day and applied this. It works! It leaves fresh scent, just like, I came from a shower. :)

5. Smell stays for 4 hours. :)


1. It leaves white chalk dust.

TIP: Spray 10-12 inches away from your hair. :)

2. Bulky.

Mr. Pogi Tips says

It is already given that it is not good for our hair to use shampoo everyday. Dry Shampoo can help to clean hair without using water and chemicals. Though Dry Shampoo might be new to us Filipinos, it is already known since late 1700s.  You may now consider to include dry shampoo in your routine. :)

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