What's Inside My Bag?

Finally I will be sharing everything inside my go-to bag. :)

I will be honest with you guys. Hihi. I am a heavy packer when it comes to traveling or just going to mall. I am a person who enjoys bringing a lot of things inside my bag. :) I started decluttering weeks ago when I bought my new bag which has small compartments. If not for fashion and fo this bag, I won't change. HAHA.

So this is my messenger bag. :) I bought this at Salvatore Mann. Most of my bags are from them since I am fond of androgynous designs. :)

This bag is a transformer! It could also be a pouch bag. :)

For the charm, I bought this cutie Love Baby at Yoyoso Korea. :)

What's Inside My Bag?

This is not me! #soorganized HAHA.

1. Power bank

I used to carry my Miniso 7,500 mAh power bank. But since it couldn't fit inside my bag, I have to use this MSM-HK Power bank I bought from an electronics store at SM Manila. Sorry I forgot. HAHA. 

5,000 mAh
Good thing it has a built-in flashlight. :)

2. Cord

If you have power bank, you should also need cord. :)

3. Gum/ Mint Candy

Everyone knows that I always bring mint candies with me. :) I am not sure if I have already shared this to them but I have panic attacks. When I feel that I would be fainting, candies would help me ease my anxiety. :)

4.  Pocket Mirror

This is a gift from my workmate, Sir Alfred. He bought this at Miniso. :)

I ain't sure if he knows that my favorite color is Apple green. So happy! Hihi. :)

Aside from its compact, it also has two semi-magnifying mirrors. Perfect for retouch! :)

5. Japan Eye Drops

Rohto Eye Drops 

I have dry eyes. I need to lubricate twice-thrice a day. This one is my favorite. I have already blogged this. If you haven't read my review, kindly Click Here! :)

6. Kikay kit

I got this personalized pouch from bazaar. :)

1. Real technique brush
2. White flower- This is needed especially if you have motion sickness or if you have anxiety attack
3. FS Two-way Cake- Read my review: FS Cosmetics Haul
4. Body shop Vitamin E Lip Care- Read my Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 Review
5. Flormar Concealer
6. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing

7. Essential Oil

I am now addicted to essentials oils. No doubt. :) Read my review here: Aromatherapy Oils and Room Sprays: Bath Origins Review. I discovered this ZenZest Aromatherapy Grape Fruit & Neroli Aroma Oil while I was looking for room sprays at Zen Zest. I really wanted to have one that I could bring with me anytime. That's why I' happy I found this. :) My friend and even family members also love this when they'd tried. :) 

The blend of grapefruit and neroli alleviates stress, enhances mood and helps lessen axiety. It uplifts spirit and gives the zest to conquer the day. :) Just roll on pulse points, temples or a piece of cloth and inhale scent.

Indeed it lessen my anxiety and keeps me awake. :) Must have! :)

8. Wallet

For months, I had been using my foldable wallet fom Girbaud. I already missed using long wallets that's why I asked my mother to give me one as a Christmas present. :) 

CLN Long Wallet

I got the blessed Benedictine key medal from a student. :)

9. Perfume

I read in an article that never share your perfume brand to anyone and leave them the mystery of discovering it. So my apologies if I won't be sharing the brand I am wearing. Hihi. )  

10. Mobile phone and earphones

There you have it! I told you carry few things now. I hope to continue this in 2018. :)

How about you? What's inside your go-to bag? :)  

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